Staying Motivated with Albion Fit

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As we get closer to the launch of mine and my personal health coaches meal plan and workout routine e-book I figured I should talk about some things that were huge motivators for me while on my weight loss journey.

It's so important to stay motivated for the sole purpose of, if you're not motivated, well you probably won't be doing to much to help yourself on this crazy roller coaster of a journey that is losing weight and getting fit. I had many different motivators along the way. They changed constantly. Sometimes I was motivated by Copeland and sometimes it was by seeing a cute fit girl on Pinterest haha.

We all have different things that motivate us, so find what motivates you and use it! Keep finding new motivators along your way and kick butt on your journey!

One thing that always motivated me was cute fitness gear! There is something about it that just makes you want to go the gym and get fit! I'm loving these fun colors and prints from Albion Fit! Aren't they great?! Albion has been so nice to giveaway $100 gift card to one of my Instagram followers! So head over to my IG and follow the rules for a chance to win! It is the perfect jump start into a new year and new you! Thank you Albion!

Winter Layers

coat / thermal top buy one get one 50% off! / cardigan similar and love this one
 leggings / boots / diaper bag / rings similar here , here and here

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Josh had today off so he took Copeland and myself on a Starbucks date :)

We are gearing up for finals over here and can't wait for this
lonnnngggg semester to finally be over so we can enjoy some more
family time and late night drives to check out Christmas lights!
We are also looking forward to doing some volunteer work
and giving back and helping those in need this holiday season.

Oh and I have to let you guys know that my girlfriend and I have been
working on a HUGE project that I'm dying to share! All of the details of
our secret project will be revealed over the next couple weeks! So stay tuned!

Happy holidays everyone, go get yourself a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks :)

Holiday Gift Guides

This year has gone by insanely fast! 
It's already time to start thinking about holiday shopping! 

I created some fun gift guides for toddlers, for her and for him :)
Although Josh and I have chosen not to buy each other gifts this year since
it is his last year of school before he graduates, we are trying to save our money
to take an amazing vacation for his graduation. He definitely deserves to spend a week or two 
away so that's what we will be saving for instead! :) 
But if we were going to get each other gifts, these are some things 
that you'd find on our wish lists.

Let's start with Copeland, since we will be buying him presents! 
We are so excited to see his face on Christmas morning :)

1. Jumbo Knob Puzzle. We had t order the construction trucks, of course. 
EVERY TIME we see a car he says "vroom vroom" so this was a must have for him. 
It's also a great learning toy and we love Melissa & Doug products, 
so I know we'll love this one! 

2. Flip Books. Copeland is obsessed with any kind of book, but he especially loves flip books. 
I wanted to buy this Presto Change-O, and I still might, but we ordered Where's Spot instead. 
I remember loving the Spot books as a child and since Copeland also loves animals, 
I thought he'd love this fun flip book about a dog names Spot :)

3. Pull Along Snail. So we bought this toy when I was pregnant. Talk about premature gift buying. 
I saw it and thought it was the cutest thing EVER! So it's been sitting the closest. 
Well, I ended up giving it to him for his 1st birthday, but he wasn't really interested since 
he wasn't walking yet so we put it up. I think he'll love it now that he's practically running! 

4. Janod Frappa' Ball. I'm so excited for this to come in the mail! I think Copeland will love it! 
It's a little hammer toy and the balls go down the ramp and ring a bell at the end. 
Copeland LOVES balls so I know this will for sure be a hit! 

5. Felt Food Set. Although the age recommendation is 3+, Copeland loved this play set 
when my niece received it as a birthday gift last month! He loved piling the the "food" onto 
the bread and then carrying the little sandwich around. We won't be buying it for him this year, 
but maybe for his 2nd birthday. It is really cute though and I was super tempted to buy it right now! 

6. Bath Toys. Right now Copeland doesn't have very many bath toys, so we improvise 
with cups and washcloths, not very fun and he gets bored really fast. I bought him a couple 
bath toys this year including a little wind up swimming toy, similar to this lobster
I also bought a little basketball set that suctions to the tun and comes with 3 little rubber balls. 
I hope he loves it!

7. Nite Lite. How cool is this moon nite lite?! Oh man, I wish I would have found it before 
I bought him a different nite lite. Copeland would have loved this! He loves pointing at the 
moon when we're outside so this would have been really cool! 

One last thing we're getting or making Copeland is a basketball hoop. 
This kid has got an arm and good aim. We want him to continue playing and 
developing that awesome skill so were either going to buy him a basketball hoop 
or have Santa's elves help us make one :)

more favorites

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

more favorites 

1 / 2 /  3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
the yo-yo... my husband is like the worlds greatest yo-yoer you guys. 
such a babe :)

more favorites


Have you guys heard of Chatbooks? They are an awesome company where you are 
able to create photo albums out of your Instagram account. Amazing right? 
The best part is that it is only $6 a book and each book holds 60 pictures! Oh and free shipping!
It's pretty awesome :) 

We just received our Chatbooks last week and have been loving them! 
Copeland has loved pointing out mama and dada and it is the cutest thing in the world! 
I also love that I finally have an actual album of Copeland's entire first year. 
Looking back at his sweet little newborn pictures, these books will be cherished always. 

I'm so excited that Chatbooks is offering all my readers a free book with your subscription! 
Just use promo code COPE12 at checkout and enjoy! I know you all will love this amazing company! 

thank you Chatbooks for sponsoring this post!

Make a Statement

Bohme is one of the main places I always go to for a jewelry purchase. 
Every piece I have ever purchased from them has held up so well! 
The quality is amazing, you guys! When I saw this piece online, I knew it 
would look so great with this embroidered thermal. I love the gold and green 
together! Statement pieces just give an otherwise plain outfit a little bit 
of "oomph", don't you think? :) 

Bohme has a great selection of pieces online and in stores. You can check 
them out HERE and make sure to enter the Bohme Boutique Giveaway 
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a chance to win $50 to just in time for the holidays! 

Also, if you're looking for a cute embroidered thermal, Bohme has a 
great selection right now! Like herehere and I'm dying to get this one here!

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I hope you all had a great weekend! It has been freezing here! Josh and I finally 
put up our Christmas tree today and Copeland LOVES to look at all the lights 
and point at the "balls", ornaments. It's so sweet. We even put up a little tree in
his room :) We are so looking forward to Thanksgiving and stuffing our bellies 
full of turkey and homemade pies :) I'm also looking forward to this semester coming 
an end! Wahoo! Anyone else dreading finals like my husband is? 

thank you Bohme for sponsoring this post!


This past weekend has been AMAZING!
For the first time in a lonnggg time, Josh had the weekend off!
He usually is either at school and/or work 7 days a week but
he was able to take a little break (thank you Utah weather!)

So we had a weekend full of family time, a little Ikea shopping,
but mainly just hanging out and lounging at home :)

I love being home with my two guys
(especially when it feels like the North Pole outdside! Yikes!)
and this is usually my go-to outfit for doing such!
A basic tee, some jeans and I'm set (and comfy).
Oh how I love me some basics. Honestly, I feel sexiest when I'm
in just a basic tee and a pair of jeans. Anyone else?

This grey raglan tee is from Bohme Boutique and I'm obsessed you guys!
You know that t-shirt you have, that is your absolute favorite, so you
wear it all the time and wash it just as much and eventually it gets so soft and
broken in? Well this tee is just like that as soon as you take it out of the package!

It's so soft and feels just like my very loved and very worn in vintage tees.
It's amazing to say the least! It's the perfect lounge tee, but I also was able to
pull myself together to go out by simply throwing on some booties, a military jacket
and this awesome statement necklace.

Head over to Bohme right now because they've got some killer specials going on
that you don't want to miss out on!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!
Also, stay tuned because I will be sharing Copeland's playroom reveal this week!

thank you Bohme Boutique for sponsoring this post 

Parenthood. That magic thing that happens from the moment you
read the positive test. From the get go we start planning, thinking about
and wondering what kind of parent will I be?

How will I teach, grow and discipline my child?

I like to make lists, I write lists all day long of things I need to do, things

I need to buy, just lists. When I was pregnant I wrote many lists on how I
wanted to parent. Who I wanted to be as a parent and what I wanted to teach my son.
Now that Copeland is here, those lists are thrown away and I've learned to just go
with the flow. Whatever happens, happens.

I constantly wonder if I'm doing this right. The whole parenting thing.

Am I teaching Copeland what I should be teaching him at each age.
Is he growing right, learning correctly and developing normally?
The biggest question I have however is am I setting a good example for him to follow?

We all hear this over and over again, children are like sponges. They take in everything.

They are so aware of their surroundings, of different emotions and feelings being
conveyed by those around them.

I love reading parenting books and just watching other parents.

You can learn so much from the parents you surround yourself with. 
I feel so lucky to be friends with so many inspirational parents that radiate 
love and tenderness.

I strive to be a loving, patient and understanding parent, as I believe most do. 
I feel as if yelling never solves anything. I hate being yelled at so I never understood 
the whole parents yelling at their kids thing.  Even before I was a mom this would 
bother me while I was getting groceries and I could hear a mom yelling at her child 
an aisle down. Trust me there have been times with Copeland where I become 
frustrated and he's jut starting to get into his temper tantrum days, but I could never 
yell at him. What would yelling solve other than making him terrified of me? 
He listens so much more when I get down on his level and talk to him in a calm 
and caring tone. I truly believe he understands me, my wants and needs from him just 
as I understand him and his wants and needs. Although he tends to yell, cry and scream 
when he wants something ;) but well, he is learning and soaking it all in still. 

As a mom, what I've learned in the past 14 months, or more-so in the past few months

is that teaching by example is how I will parent. Copeland is a sponge. He gets everything.
He is so smart and he watches everything I do. As a child who is so in tune with his
surroundings, it is my job to teach him by how I react to situations, how I spend my time
and how I communicate. Teaching by example. If he sees me spending hours watching TV,
he will most likely want to watch TV constantly. If he sees me reading or baking, he might
just develop a love for reading and baking. If he hears me talk about others, gossip if you
will, he will learn that it is okay to talk about others. And of course, if I yell, he will learn that
yelling is a way we get what we want or become understood.

As parents, it is our job to teach our children, to help them grow into bright young people.
I love this sweet little boy more than I love myself. He is only in my home for a few short years 
before he starts school and then has his whole life to let the world seep in and control and 
corrupt him. But now, in these moments, he is tender hearted, he knows no hate and he is 
such a loving soul. I want to grow that and keep that in him as much as I possibly can. It all 
starts here within our home. 

I hope I'm doing this right. I am trusted with such a loving and sweet little soul. What a big responsibility it is. 

Copeland's New Room || DIY Projects

Hi ladies!

So today I'm really excited to share some fun projects I've been working
on for Copeland's new room! And although, at the rate I'm going, his room
probably won't be fully finished for about another month or so, it's slowly
coming together and it has been so fun! 

So the reason im redoing his room is because his room is extremely plain.
It's white with white furniture and a few pops of color here and there. But mostly
it's pretty boring. It was great for when he was a newborn but now that he's getting
so smart and so alert, I feel like it's time to add in some texture, fun, whimsy and
just more interesting things for him to look at and play with. 

If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably have noticed I've been pinning lots of
nurseries and children rooms, getting lots of inspiration. I've been collecting things
for a few months now and finally have decided to just get it done and finish his room.
I decided to go with a outdoor rustic theme. Copeland LOVES being outside and loves,
no is obsessed, with animals. It's so cute. He is the most loving little guy ever :)
Anyway, with the rustic theme, the main focal point will be this gigantic buffalo head
made from yarn and fabric. I'm obsessed and Copeland constantly runs up and gives it
kisses and hugs. It's seriously the sweetest.

For this project I followed THIS tutorial and it took me about a week to finish which
was SO long, I seriously debated finishing it because of how long it took me but after
all said and done, it was so worth it! It's my favorite part of his new room!

In the tutorial, she used the tips of deer antlers for the buffalo horns. I didn't have
any antlers so I just made some horns out of paper mâché and then painted it with
3 different colors of acrylic paint. I love how they turned out!

Okay next project. I made this weave wall hanging in about a day and a half.
I'm obsessed with it!!! I really want to make one for every room now! I've been
wanting to make one or buy one for forever but never wanted to spend the money
(these things are pricey!) and honestly didn't think I'd be able to make one myself.
But I used THIS tutorial which was great for me because you just need to use a picture
frame as the loom! For anyone wanting to make a weave I highly recommend it! It was very therapeutic and they look awesome!

Next project: Paper Mache Cactus. To make the paper mâché cactus I just crumpled 
up newspaper and used masking tape to mold and shape it. THIS tutorial is great for 
a visual on how to mold newspaper. After I molded, taped and smoothed out my sculptures 
I made THIS paper mâché paste and used ripped up newspaper to finish it. I let it dry 
overnight and then painted them using acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby and toothpicks 
for the thorns and that's it! I bought a couple terra cotta pots and hot glued the cacti into 
the pots and then used old brown yarn scraps for the dirt. 

Hehe Josh said these looked inappropriate but they turned out so cute after I painted them! Haha 

This is the first time that I've done paper mâché. I loved it and it was so fun to make 
exactly what I had been wanting and it's really fun to make cool sculptures for your home! 

Some other decor that will be in Copeland's new room will include this amazing and
HUGE picture. It's about 3x4 feet and it's just perfectly framed and just waiting to be
put in s room. This picture was actually Josh's grandparents and it has been sitting in
our garage for a while. I love that it will now be a part of Copelands room :) 

I will also be incorporating some globes, fun blankets, a large colorful rag rug and lots of comfy 
and cute pillows and cushions. Oh and copper! Lots and lots of copper accents! 

I have a few more projects in the works that I will share in the next month or so but
I was so happy with how these turned out so I couldn't wait to share it with you guys!

So what do you think? Will you try any of these fun projects!? I would love to see pictures if you do! 

Sweater Love || Featuring Bohme

sweater size medium | leggings | sandals | diaper bag | sunglasses very similar | necklace similar 

Bohme is killing it right now with all their cozy sweaters and cardigans!
The sweater I have on is the perfect cuddle sweater because it is so soft!!!
Like unbelievably soft! I am tempted to sleep in this at night because
it's so cozy and comfortable!

Okay, enough with how soft and awesome it is :)
I paired this sweater with some casual black leggings and some leopard print sandals
for a more laid back, running after a toddler who is super quick on his feet, look ;)
but you could easily dress it up by pairing it with these faux leather trousers and a pair of booties.

I will definitely be adding a few more Bohme sweaters to my collection this winter.
Like this one and this one because let's face it, in Utah for a girl who hates snow,
sweaters make winter a little bit more tolerable :)

Be sure to follow Bohme on Instagram here!
They are currently holding a search for a Brand Ambassador
so go follow them for the rules on how to enter!

thank you Bohme for sponsoring this post!

Oh and a quick question, I'm making a fitness / diet / postpartum video. 
What would you guys like answered??