Stocking Stuffers for Baby

Since Copeland will only be about 4 and a half months old this Christmas,
I can't really fill his stocking with yummy chocolate and candy ;) 

And being a first time mom, I kind of was clueless and really 
had to think about what to put in my babes stocking! 
(do babies even need a stocking?)

So I  found a few things that I think he'll like right now and that doesn't involve candy.
Although I might have to sneak in an m&m candy cane for me to snack on :)

I died when I saw this at a little toy store the other day! 
It is too cute!
ALSO I really want to get him one of these!
He is obsessed with putting anything and everything in his mouth, 
but especially loves soft things like blankets and his mittens. 
So THIS would be perfect for his little hands to hold onto and chew on :)

This is more for me to have in the diaper bag that I can fill with
yummy rice puff treats when the time comes.

3. Plum Organics Pureed Fruits Stage 1 & Puff Stars (Target)
I have heard amazing things about Plum Organics and when we tried them
the other day he practically lunged out of the bumbo for more!!

Gotta have some new binks for my babe (6-18 months)

I hope Cope loves this! It looks prettycute and for $5, it's worth a shot :)
Fill with water and baby can pat it during tummy time!
NOTE: I don't know why amazons price says $30! 
I bought this 2 weeks ago on Amazon for $5. So it must be a typo?

I am seriously so excited for Christmas this year!
I know I won't regret saying that it will probably be the best one yet! :)

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Seriously love it all! Having a boy is too much fun!