Good Bye Christmas, Hello Spring!

Something strange happens to me every year between December and February.
Especially after Christmas time. 
I yearn for change throughout our home. 
I want to repaint everything, change out every picture frame, rearrange every little nik-nak.

I go a little crazy, maybe it's the Winter Blues that just hits me like a ton of bricks 
and makes me go crazy. 

Whatever it is, I've been hit, hard. 

I have lists upon lists of everything I want to do before spring. 

But my main focus right now is the family room. 
The gathering place in our home. 
The go to comfy spot for cuddles, tummy time and movie nights. 

The walls are the same, drab painters beige color from when we moved in. 
The poor Flokati fur rug, now looks like a dirty wet dogs fur coat. 
gross, I know. If only you could see it. 

The wires that hang behind (in plain sight) the TV 
drive me absolutely up the wall every time I see their tangled mess of black strings. 

I am in desperate need of cheerfulness during these dark months. 
Every morning I go open every blind in the house, but when the skies are gray 
and the inversion has set in, there isn't much natural light coming through. 


I'm the kind of person who is terrified of color. 
Everything in our home is mainly neutral. 
Whites, creams, tans and grays. 

It can get a little depressing during the winter.
The home almost has a cold feeling to it. 
And right now I long for warmth. 

To start this fun family room makeover Josh and I went out and bought bright mustard yellow curtains. 
^^sort of like those up there ^^

I first had simple and plain beige colored ones in the cart, but decided to just go bold
and I love them!

It already makes the home feel much more cheerful and happy! 
Color really isn't that bad :)

And I'm dying to get some of these pillows!

Such happy little pillows :)

Next we are planning on painting the beige walls a happy and clean color grey. 
I know, grey!? 
But it will make the yellow curtains pop even more against the cool undertones. 

I am also dying to revamp the media console as well with vintage wire baskets and vibrant greens. 

Oh also! I'm DYING to get a Moroccan wedding throw! 
Sooo gorgeous!

and just a little more beautiful pictures
because I'm a sucker for simple and pretty, clean and green things :)

Oh man, such pretty things and amazing inspiration! 
So excited to get started! :)

Do you have any suggestions for beating the winter blues with happy bright decor? :)

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Jaimie said...

You are too cute! Come decorate my house for me please!!! We could go out to lunch or something one day... That's my suggestion! :). Plus I miss that Adorable son of yours!! Man he is a cutie!!!