Christmas 2013 aka Baby's First

This Christmas was the most humble Christmas Josh and I have had in the 6 years of dating/marriage.

And yet, it was the absolute most amazing one! 

We woke up around 9 Christmas morning to our smiling little Copeland :)
It was the best! We kept telling him Merry Christmas and asking him if he remembers 
Christmas in heaven and he would smile and giggle so big! 
Almost like he knew exactly what today was all about :)

Once we got up and and stretched, we opened some presents. 
Copeland loved ripping the paper and stuffing it in his mouth. 
He also loved holding onto all his new stuff! 

He got some clothes, lots of books and a few fun toys :)

Around noon, my mom, sister and niece came over for Belgian waffles with strawberries, 
hash browns, bacon and the most yummy caramel syrup! 

We opened a few more things and visited :)

It was perfect. 

We then got ready and headed up to Josh's parents home for a yummy dinner and games. 

This was by far the greatest Christmas ever.
I cannot wait to teach Copeland the meaning of Christmas in the years to come! And being Santa is probably going to be the greatest thing ever :) 
I'm already looking forward to next year!!! 

Can you tell we LOVE our tree. Haha :)

Happy Holidays and New Year!!!


Stephanie Hamme said...

It sounds like you all had a great Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Your husband is Hilar! You are so adorable & cope is beeyond presh!

Jaimie said...

You forgot to post that picture of you yawning and Josh looking deformed that I took when we were playing hand and foot! Lol! Glad you guys had such a great Christmas!! Cute pictures!!!