Butternut Squash

Today we fed Copeland some solid food for the very first time!
Okay before you keep reading, it seems there is a lot of controversy on when to start solids. Our doctor has said to start anytime between 4 and 6 months, whenever Copeland seems ready. 
And oh boy does he seem ready. In fact, he is probably more ready than I am to start this little journey. 

My sister didn't start my niece until 6 months because she was completely disinterested in food until that age. So I think every child is different and therefor the reason for the 4 to 6 month timeline. 

Now we sort of did this on a whim today and it kinda broke my heart. 
My little man is growing up! 

The reason we decided to do this at 4 months old is because he has already gotten his two bottom teeth in! it's insane! 
He also is UHBsessed with the food Josh and I eat. 
He just stares and cries when he smells the food we cook and eat. 
So today after I made some tacos, and Copeland would not stop staring at the tomatoes and lettuce. Yes, i realize this could all be out of curioustity, but he doesnt get this involved with anything else also than the food we eat. So we decided to try out some butternut squash with him. 

He LOVED it. It was the cutest! 
He kept smacking his lips and licking them. To die for. 
Please note that we did this after I nursed him so I know it was not because he was starving for a full belly :) 
He truly enjoyed the yumminess. 

After we gave him a few bites we stopped and he flipped!
Literally started bawling. 
So we fed him a few more bites and he was just as happy as a clam. I then nursed him a little more until he fell asleep, which was only like a minute until he was soothed :)

While nursing him I did a little research on introducing solids and I've decided that we will 
probably hold off on anymore solids for about another month.
Okay I'll probably give him a few things here and there for fun :)
But nursing will def. be his main source of nutrients for the next little bit. 


Josh fed him while I captured a few precious moments between my two babes :)

This kid knew exactly what to do with this glass of water
don't worry, he didn't have too much, just a sip because 
I was freaking out about him choking on the water
gah, I worry too much now!

These are the best experiences of my life. 
Grow big, little one. 


Anonymous said...

Your brave mama! B didn't get solids until 10 mo! Cope is sooooo handsome!!!!!

Val @ Chicken Scratch. said...

Lets just start off with : you captured FABULOUS photos of this "first" !!!!!!!!!!!
You are so right though..every baby is different. My daughter was around 5-5.5 months old but my son was exactly 4 months. Keep following your mama instincts!! Only YOU know what is best for your child!

Monica said...

I started solids with my first at four months and she nursed for over a year so don't worry about sneaking in solids ;)