Hand Stamped Baby Leggings

I am obsessed with baby leggings!
I live in leggings, so I think cope should too :)

They are sooo comfy!

I've bought a few pair but decided I wanted to try my hand at making my own. 

So I followed THIS tutorial and tweaked a few things like:

**I made leggings instead of a blanket :)
So I used knit fabric instead of the muslin material.
I was able to make 2 pairs with 1/2 yard.

**I used Screen Printing Paint found at Hobby Lobby for $2.99, 
use a 40% coupon and you get it for about $1.80 :)

I used this kind of paint, mainly because I've used several other 
fabric paints and they all come out feeling very stiff or they will fade in the wash. 
With this kind, it's very flexible and moves with the fabric. 
Make sure to follow the instructions on the paint though before washing, etc.!!!

**And instead of dipping my stamp, I just brushed it on using a small foam brush. 

**For the tee pee and arrow stamp, I actually just googled "tee pee clipart" & "arrow clipart"
then blew it up to the size I wanted, on my computer, and lightly traced it onto some paper, 
directly from the computer screen :)
For the Jack O'lantern, I did the same thing.

For the pattern of the leggings, you could either buy a pattern or like me, I
just used some of his pants and traced them (adding about 1/2 inch for seam allowance, onto the fabric.
You could also just buy already made leggings, which would probably be a thousand times easier :)

&& the cost per leggings with EVERYTHING to make them: $5.50 per pair!

I think they turned out so cute! I can't wait for him to wear these to a pumpkin patch and
the tee pee ones for Thanksgiving! 

I'm already trying to think of more designs so I can make some more! :)


Nicole [Haus of Harnois] said...

This is so great! I can't wait to try this! :)

Leah said...

What brand of screen printing paint did you use? Based on your experiences, do you think it would work well for adult shirts? I'm thinking of trying my hand at stamping some shirts...Thanks!