Fall Fun. 2013.

 Today my mom, sister, niece, Copeland and I headed out to 
Gardener Village, a fun little "village" filled with boutiques, candy stores and ponds!

It was sooo nice out today and was the perfect afternoon of 
window shopping and pushing the babes in the strollers :)

Cope was awake for some of the day and I think he loved looking at all the fun
Halloween decor, pumpkins and other kids that were running around. 

We missed daddy while he was at work, but we have a week full of
pumpkin patch fun, pumpkin cookie making and Halloween parties that he will come to with us! 

We love fall in Utah!
when we actually get a fall in Utah ;)

Love this little guy with everything I've got.

I die over my niece, Tess's, witch costume my sister made and Cope's little pumpkin hat!!!

Happy Fall!


Anonymous said...

I am LOVING his little outfit! This makes me so excited because you always hear about little boy clothes not being as cute as little girl clothes.. so this gives me hope and inspiration that my little man with be stylish :)

// said...

Thank you!! And oh shopping for a little boy is Sooo much fun! I was nervous about it, but the styles have changed so much! You'll love it!

Jaimie said...

Could you guys be any more gorgeous?! Beautiful family!! And cope is a little stud, can't wait to see him this weekend... Yay!!!!

// said...

Thank you Jaim! we are so excited!! See you tomorrow :)

Jessie said...

YOU are gorgeous and that baby is to die for cute! Happy Fall!!!

Nicole [Haus of Harnois] said...

love those leggings!!!