Day of the Dead //

Josh's family has a Halloween bunco party every year and of course it's a costume party! 
Halloween is my all time favorite holiday but this year with a new babe
I didn't have a ton of time to make us costumes like I usually do... Next year though! 

Anyway, we weren't going to really dress up but then we decided we had to
because Halloween is awesome!

So I took $10 and went to Walmart and bought some cheap makeup, a big flower, youtubed a Sugar Skull tutorial and voila! 

My 1 hour costume :)

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull!
I LOVE how it turned out!

We made Josh up as a skeleton because he didn't want to be a male Sugar Skull.
He looked sooo creepy and washed his face off pretty fast after we got to the party because it kinda freaked Copeland out :/

Little Family :)

Next year I'll actually make us some costumes! haha :)

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Anonymous said...

Seriously perfection! No skull face for cope? Lol