DIY Felt Garland

I made this the other night and forgot to post it!

When I was little, my most favorite thing ever was my mom decorating for holidays. 

She seriously is the queen of holidays!
I will always have a love for holidays because my mom made it so special. 

I want to be the same kind of mom to Copeland. I want him to get excited for each holiday, just like I do!

So I made this fun little felt garland for his nursery to add a little Halloween love :)
I need to work on putting a collection of Halloween books together now!

Anyway it was super easy to make and only took like 30 minutes!

So what you need is some felt and a circle stencil.
I used a Fisker stencil and orange, grey, white and black felt :)

Cut out the circles and place in a stack, in the pattern you want 

Okay so now you're just going to sew the circles together in a straight line.
So Easy! 

And that's it! 
I love it and am already thinking of some fun Christmas colors to use!

Etsy has a ton of really pretty felts if your fabric store doesn't have a huge selection :)

Oh and Copeland Loved it! I think :)
When I went in to change his diaper, he just stared at the deer head! So funny :)

Happy Halloween!

Sundance Sunday

Utah is so pretty when we actually get a fall that we had to get some pictures before it started snowing :)

Sundance is the perfect setting for fall family pictures!

Day of the Dead //

Josh's family has a Halloween bunco party every year and of course it's a costume party! 
Halloween is my all time favorite holiday but this year with a new babe
I didn't have a ton of time to make us costumes like I usually do... Next year though! 

Anyway, we weren't going to really dress up but then we decided we had to
because Halloween is awesome!

So I took $10 and went to Walmart and bought some cheap makeup, a big flower, youtubed a Sugar Skull tutorial and voila! 

My 1 hour costume :)

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull!
I LOVE how it turned out!

We made Josh up as a skeleton because he didn't want to be a male Sugar Skull.
He looked sooo creepy and washed his face off pretty fast after we got to the party because it kinda freaked Copeland out :/

Little Family :)

Next year I'll actually make us some costumes! haha :)

Updated Home Tour!

I've done a couple of these home tours the past 2 years and this is the third update so far!

If you would like to see our home before we bought it Click Here

Fall Fun. 2013.

 Today my mom, sister, niece, Copeland and I headed out to 
Gardener Village, a fun little "village" filled with boutiques, candy stores and ponds!

It was sooo nice out today and was the perfect afternoon of 
window shopping and pushing the babes in the strollers :)

Cope was awake for some of the day and I think he loved looking at all the fun
Halloween decor, pumpkins and other kids that were running around. 

We missed daddy while he was at work, but we have a week full of
pumpkin patch fun, pumpkin cookie making and Halloween parties that he will come to with us! 

We love fall in Utah!
when we actually get a fall in Utah ;)

Love this little guy with everything I've got.

I die over my niece, Tess's, witch costume my sister made and Cope's little pumpkin hat!!!

Happy Fall!

Cute Family

Sometimes I really love to take pictures for my friends and family :)

Here are just a couple pictures from a session I did last night. 

Editing takes a lotttttt longer when you have a new baby, but that's okay
... more to come... eventually ;)

Copeland Turns 2 Months!

It really has been 2 months!
So weird.

I got an extension on my maternity leave for another 6 weeks. 
I just couldn't go back yet. 

And I'm still having a hard time deciding if I want to go back at all!

Anyway, here is my baby's 2 month video :)


I've got some fun things in mind for Copeland with these 
fun little designs I created the other day :)

Can't wait!

The Great Debate

Copeland is coming up on his 2 month appointment. 
I hardly can believe it's been almost 2 months.

Anyway, I'm really fighting myself and going back and forth 
on whether or not I should get Cope vaccinated or more so, 
if I hold off on giving him all 5 vaccines that are suggested at 2 months of age. 

I've been doing some research and reading the pros/cons of all the different
suggested vaccines as well as the side effects/benefits of each one. 

But there is so much information on all of this. 
I feel like I'm driving myself crazy. 

I've been considering doing a alternative schedule for him and starting out with just giving him
 the HIB and IPV at 4 months instead of 2 months and holding off on the DTaP, Hep B and Prevnar 
until later on in his little life. 

I'm just extremely scared of him having bad side effects to the vaccines. 
I am severely allergic to many medicines and it scares me that he might be too. 

I've been praying and will continue to pray until I reach a decision at which I'm at peace with. 
But I just would like to get some more input from you mamas! 

I know this can be a very heated subject, so please don't be hateful. 

Hand Stamped Baby Leggings

I am obsessed with baby leggings!
I live in leggings, so I think cope should too :)

They are sooo comfy!

I've bought a few pair but decided I wanted to try my hand at making my own. 

So I followed THIS tutorial and tweaked a few things like:

**I made leggings instead of a blanket :)
So I used knit fabric instead of the muslin material.
I was able to make 2 pairs with 1/2 yard.

**I used Screen Printing Paint found at Hobby Lobby for $2.99, 
use a 40% coupon and you get it for about $1.80 :)

I used this kind of paint, mainly because I've used several other 
fabric paints and they all come out feeling very stiff or they will fade in the wash. 
With this kind, it's very flexible and moves with the fabric. 
Make sure to follow the instructions on the paint though before washing, etc.!!!

**And instead of dipping my stamp, I just brushed it on using a small foam brush. 

**For the tee pee and arrow stamp, I actually just googled "tee pee clipart" & "arrow clipart"
then blew it up to the size I wanted, on my computer, and lightly traced it onto some paper, 
directly from the computer screen :)
For the Jack O'lantern, I did the same thing.

For the pattern of the leggings, you could either buy a pattern or like me, I
just used some of his pants and traced them (adding about 1/2 inch for seam allowance, onto the fabric.
You could also just buy already made leggings, which would probably be a thousand times easier :)

&& the cost per leggings with EVERYTHING to make them: $5.50 per pair!

I think they turned out so cute! I can't wait for him to wear these to a pumpkin patch and
the tee pee ones for Thanksgiving! 

I'm already trying to think of more designs so I can make some more! :)