The Greatest.

My little Cope monster has been quite the fussy little guy lately. 

Especially when he gets completely overwhelmed by this giant world
and everyone loving on him all day everyday :) 

Sometimes he fights going down for his naps throughout the day and especially
at night when it's time to go to bed. 

Something that has helped tremendously though has been Womb Sounds by PediaSleep

They offer a lot of different sounds, but Copeland loves the just simple womb sound. 
*You can also just download it through iTunes!*

It completely soothes him when he's fussy and fighting bedtime.
It also is great for getting him to calm back down when
all he wants is to stay up during late night feedings :)

It has been so helpful and is truly amazing!
Okay, that and his MAM binky.
But the combo together = sleepy time for mama :)

Has anyone else used this and loved it!?
I'm not sure if all babies would love it and I was totally skeptical at first
but after playing the sample a few nights and having him calmed, I was hooked! 


LauraMiller said...

My little Emmy was super fussy in her 2nd & 3 rd week of life. I just didn't know what was wrong! Nothing worked! But as assured by our pediatrician this is completely normal & now at almost 3 months I couldn't even ask for a better baby! Those first few weeks are definitely hard.

Anonymous said...

Totally normal! Not sure if you've heard of the period of purple crying? Apparently all babies go through a period of increased crying (especially in the evenings) starting at about 2 weeks of age, peaking at about 3 months, and ending at about 4-5 months. They cry even if they're fed, changed, etc. -- there's no physical reason for the crying. You just have to ride it out. I'm sure you're doing great! Our little guy needs to be swaddled to fall asleep.

Anonymous said...

He's so sweet! It's been fun watching you become a mama!

Michelle Pennington said...

Deegan wasn't sleeping through the night because he just wanted to lay on me. He would cry every time he realized he was in his crib! Finally we found something that works! We bought a pack of those Swaddle Me swaddler things and ta-da! Sleeps through the night now! We couldn't swaddle him with the blankets anymore because he would break through and wiggle non-stop but these things work like a charm! Well, they have been...I hope I don't jinx myself for saying how fabulous it has been now!