Oh-em-gee, my favorite holiday is upon us! 

I'm obsessed with Halloween & my obsession is so ridiculous. 

I literally start thinking of costumes in July.

I loved these costumes I made for us and can't wait to wear them again in the future!

Ah! Just love Halloween :)

For those asking, I did not use a pattern. 
I just winged it and it's a little rough around the edges but worked great for the night!

1 Month.

 This time 4 weeks ago, we were welcoming into the world
our sweet little angel. 

It seems he has grown so much, yet, he's still so small.

He is so much more alert!

He absolutely loves Josh.
When Josh comes home and takes over, 
Cope will just stare and stare into his daddy's eyes. 
He adores him and is so lucky to have such an amazing father! 

For the first time I heard Copelands laugh. 
He was sleeping, but it was still just as sweet. 
I look over and he has this wide open gummy smile. 
I died :)

He loves when I sing him to sleep.
His favorites are "You Are My Sunshine" and "You'll Be In My Heart"
He falls asleep almost instantly when I sing those two songs to him. 

Happy 1 month Copeland! 
We love you!!! 

Being a mom is the greatest blessing I've ever received. 

What are you looking at, dude?

My little babe. 

I try not to put him in his swing very often, 
but when I realize I haven't eaten in several hours and 
there is no sign of him just wanting to take a nap in the bassinet, I resort to the swing :)
It calms him down and puts him to sleep almost immediately!

But of course, he must first stare....

And stare...

and stare some more. 

And by the look on his face you would think he was staring at something 
completely amazing!

But nope, just a blank wall :)

The Greatest.

My little Cope monster has been quite the fussy little guy lately. 

Especially when he gets completely overwhelmed by this giant world
and everyone loving on him all day everyday :) 

Sometimes he fights going down for his naps throughout the day and especially
at night when it's time to go to bed. 

Something that has helped tremendously though has been Womb Sounds by PediaSleep

They offer a lot of different sounds, but Copeland loves the just simple womb sound. 
*You can also just download it through iTunes!*

It completely soothes him when he's fussy and fighting bedtime.
It also is great for getting him to calm back down when
all he wants is to stay up during late night feedings :)

It has been so helpful and is truly amazing!
Okay, that and his MAM binky.
But the combo together = sleepy time for mama :)

Has anyone else used this and loved it!?
I'm not sure if all babies would love it and I was totally skeptical at first
but after playing the sample a few nights and having him calmed, I was hooked! 

// Becoming Mommy //

Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am today. 

Seeing a positive pregnancy test last November was the scariest thing in the world to me!

How was I ever going to fulfill this new role as teacher, comforter... mother? 
Kids were never my forte. 
But how lucky am I that I was able to carry a baby and give this tiny little bean life? 

And now here I am, cuddling a sleepy 2 week old that 
just needed some mommy snuggles,  while I type this with one hand :)
This is truly the best. 
It feels so incredible to know that God has so much trust in me, that he gave me this little blessing.


To my surprise, becoming this new role of mommy was just like second nature. 
Waking up every 2 hours to feed this tiny being is something I wouldn't give up for the world. 
It's something I completely cherish and always will.

I never thought I'd be okay with staying home, instead of going out.
I always thought I'd be sad when I wouldn't be able to go out at 1 in the morning
but as it turns out both Josh and I and baby boy are usually fast asleep come 1 am
and it's the best :)


Copeland is such a sweet, calm and loving baby. 
He has made this transition into mommyhood so easy. 
Don't get me wrong, he has his moments, but for the most part he is pretty dang easy.

Last night was a bit rough though and threw us off our schedule :(
Poor little guy kept throwing up/spitting up everything he had just ate!
*note to self: no more chili con queso for this breastfeeding mama*
It was the saddest thing!
And never did I ever think I'd be okay with someone throwing up all down my chest.
If I would have seen that happen to someone else last year, I probably would have thrown up myself.
But all I could think about was my poor little guy.
All I wanted was to comfort him and make him feel okay.

Becoming a mommy is seriously amazing.
The bond and love you have for this little person is so incredible. 


My favorite thing in the world is to sing to him!
Whether it be rocking him to sleep while singing lullabies or singing silly songs during playtime.
It's the best :)

Nursing is also my favorite part of the day/night. 
When he looks up at me, there is nothing sweeter.  

Everyday that passes is bittersweet. 
Watching him grow is amazing but knowing I'll never get that day back is sometimes hard to swallow.
When did I become so sappy!? ;) 


And I can't end this post without talking about this little guys daddy!
Josh has been loving his new role :)
Everyday he comes home from work, all he wants are baby kisses & cuddles from his little dude.
He has been so amazing with diaper changes, dinner making
and rocking Cope while I try to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.


We are just taking all of this in and loving this whole family thing :)