Welcome to the World, Baby Copeland.

Copeland Cruz Jensen graced us with his presence on Friday August 23, 2013!

He's here! And I can hardly believe it's real. 

He is perfect and just amazes his daddy and I :)

Copelands Birth Story: 

On Wednesday August 21 I had my 41 week appointment and I told them I really didn't want to be induced. My doctor told me she would let me go up until 42 weeks, but I felt like if I just gave him until the weekend that he would come, so we set my induction date for Monday August 26. Then we changed our minds and scheduled it for Friday August 23 after talking more about certain complications that can occur later on in pregnancy. My doctor did strip my membranes though and I was certain he would come by the end of the night! 

Well Wednesday night came and went and it was Thursday. The hospital called me about 4:00 pm and wanted me to come in at 5pm. I changed the time to come in at 7:00 pm to start the induction instead. 

I was so nervous the hours leading up to going to the hospital. This was not what I wanted, but I prayed and felt pretty good. 

When we got to the hospital I was so nervous! Honestly I could barely speak when the nurse asked me basic questions. I did however have the most AMAZING nurse who made me feel so comfortable! She explained everything that she was doing and what was going to happen. 

She checked me and saw that I was almost dilated to a 3 and 85% effaced. She stripped my membranes, told me to go home and that I was almost there. She thought he would come without the help of anything. I was scheduled to come back at 5 AM if nothing else had happened.  

We got home around 10 pm, went straight to bed and around 2 am I woke up to find that my water had broken!!! I was so happy! SO Happy! The contractions started out slowly, I went back to bed until 4, got up and got ready to go! :)

We got to the hospital at 5 am, was checked and was at a 3. I labored until about 7:30-8 am with the help of Josh helping me to count through my contractions and just breath. I finally decided to get an epidural. 

This terrified me, I didn't know if I'd rather deal with the pain of the contractions or the pain of the epidural. After a major anxiety attack, I was able to calm down with the help of my husband and got the epidural. I felt NOTHING. Literally, I had to ask the doctor if he was done. It was incredible! 

I then was given a low dose of Pitocin and labored until about 3:00 pm. 

When the nurse came in I was ready to push, Cope's head was right there! 

I pushed once, because the nurse thought I might have to push for a while but nope! He was ready to enter the world! 

The nurse called the doctor (who was at another hospital) and he barely got there just in time, Copeland was coming, I pushed one more time with the nurse and the doctor ran in, had me do a slow push and out came baby Copeland! 

It was amazing! I was in such shock from it all and I couldn't really comprehend what just happened. It happened so fast! 

From then they took Cope, cleaned him up a bit and we did skin to skin :)

As soon as they set him on me, I was overwhelmed. I just cried and cried and kissed him and my husband. 
The whole Labor & Delivery was such an amazing experience!!! 
I was so nervous and scared throughout my pregnancy, but it went perfectly. 
God listened to my prayers and answered them with a perfect little boy :)

Okay here's some pictures of the day :)

Our little Guy :)

Our First Family Picture :)

Napping before having to Push!

We are so happy and so in love! 
:) :) :)


Kasey Sutgrey said...

Congrats! He is beautiful!

Bianca G said...

Amazing birth story! I am overly excited about my birth! 10-13 weeks to go for me! Ah.!!

Anonymous said...

What made you change his name from gray to Cruz ? :)

-shaina !

Anonymous said...

Yay! So happy for you two!