.just an update.

Well I will officially be 40 weeks tomorrow
& I'm still pregnant. 
Still having immense back pain, sore feet, annoying, stretching skin 
and my belly button is sticking out so far I think it really might pop! ;)

The anticipation is killing me and it just is ramping up my fear of this whole thing!

I mean I could go into labor any day, hour, minute or second or I could go into
labor 2 weeks from now. It's terrifying, simply because I'm no longer in control and
I have extremely bad control issues with myself. 

I'm dreading possibly being induced and maybe that's the reason I'm not going into labor?

I guess I will try to relax and get a ton of rest and wait. 
as patiently as I can ;)


Kasey Sutgrey said...

That is the worst part, the waiting and anticipating! I wish we knew exactly when it would happen! But good luck and hopefully that baby comes soon!!!

Bianca G said...

I am due in November. The monday before Thanksgiving, and I am hoping she comes either on or before her due date so that I can have her home for the holiday! Good luck!!

Cherice Read said...

Don't be nervous. It's so much better than you expect and don't be afraid of being induced. I had to cause my little guy didn't wanna come on his own and it was a great experience. Btw, I went to your mother in law for my hair twice and I love her and the way she does my hair. Thank you