First Time Mommy: My Must Haves

I still can't believe I'm a mom to my sweet little guy!
It has been the most amazing experience so far. 

The first few nights were definitely testing, but it got so much better after that :) 
These very few things made life so much easier for me as new mommy!

I actually used this for about a week before I had Copeland. 
And then every time after I nursed him I would put this on. 
I used half the tube before even leaving the hospital, but it was a life savor! 
It had the best reviews compared to Lansinoh lanolin.
It goes on so smoothly and is not sticky at all!

I have gotten so many compliments on this grey houndstooth swaddle!
The pattern is so cute and the soft organic cotton is so light 
and perfect for swaddling Cope in.
I think he loves it just as much too :)

Baby boy didn't really like the paci from the hospital. 
I had read many reviews for these saying how great they are
and they really are!!!
They've been a life savor as well, he loves them, especially during diaper changes :)

Okay my friend told me about this so I had to buy it .just in case. 
Well I didn't use it until my milk started coming in. 
On day 3 my milk came and it just kept coming until the night of day 4!
It was pretty painful and made it difficult for the little guy to latch on. 
This shield helps it so baby can latch and it makes all the difference to me as well!
Nursing has been so easy with this and it kinda makes it a bit less painful!

So those are the items I definitely was happy to have when Copeland arrived.
All amazing products!

Gah, I love him!


Kasey Sutgrey said...

The nipple shield was extremely helpful while I was breastfeeding! The hospital actually gave me it at the hospital since Chloe had issues latching! Good luck and again, he is beautiful!

Jaimie said...

Awe!! I want to come see that baby boy again, SOON! He is so cute!! I bet he has changed tons since the hospital. Jaiden and I have had a cold & didn't want to pass it on :( but she and I both are literally dying to see him!! I was so amazed by both yours & Josh's calmness in the hospital, you guys are going to be GREAT parents :) yay! So glad he's here!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! He's precious.

Just curious -- are you worried that the pacifier will cause issues with breast feeding? Everyone told me to hold off for 4-6 weeks until breastfeeding is well established before giving a pacifier or bottle.

// said...

Not really, he's been eating really well. About every 2 hours and nurses for quite a while. We had a little trouble when I became engorged, but that's why the nipple shield has been great :) if we were struggling with nursing though I wouldn't have given him a paci, because I've heard that too.

// said...

Oh I'm sorry you guys!! I can't wait wait for you guys to come over and see him again :) he's a little sweetheart :)

// said...

Thank you! And ya it is so nice! It helped a ton when I became engorged

Corianne said...

LOVE! We couldn't live without the MAM paci either -- luckily, that was the one they gave us in the hospital. Have you discovered yet that Pampers Newborn diapers trump Huggies Newborn diapers by, like, a LONG SHOT? Haha... #babyboyprobs

Anonymous said...

I'm a first time Mom to a 4 1/2 week old baby boy and have been using a nipple shield from the start due to latch issues. I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself (and on baby) to get rid of the shield but it seems like more and more people are using one. I've heard of many Mom's who use one the entire time they breastfeed. Just curious if you are still using the shield or if it was a temporary need for you. If you are no longer using it, do you have any tips for weaning baby off the shield. My little guy doesn't seem interested in latching unless I'm wearing the shield.