little dude come out and play!

Josh is trying to convince the little dude to come out and play already! 

I had my 37 week doctor visit yesterday and I was sooooo nervous for it!

I was so scared for them to check my cervix because I've heard it's really uncomfortable.

As Josh and I waited in the office with a little paper sheet barely covering me,
my nerves were peeking!

But it totally wasn't that bad... okay it was uncomfortable and I may have grabbed both
Josh's hand and the doctors hand as she was pressing down on my tummy haha
but it really wasn't a huge deal. 

Unfortunately I haven't dilated at all. Well she said I was dilated to a fingertip,
which is basically nothing. Bummer! 

For some reason I had this vision in my mind that I was gonna be dilated to a 5
and she was gonna tell me to go the hospital immediately 
and I was going to be holding my baby boy right now ;) 

Wishful thinking! Ha!

I'm just hoping now that I drop soon and don't have to wait too much longer :)

Now for a 37 week belly picture...
The doctor, last week, said my tummy was measuring small so we had another 
ultrasound and the results came back that baby boy is measuring right on track!!! 
And the fluid around him is looking great too! 

thank goodness! I was worried all week that something wasn't right!
They said my belly is just measuring small because of the way little dude is positioned :)

Come on my little coco bean, I really want to snuggle you!


Jaimie said...

You look sooo good!!! I am glad the ultra sound went smoothly. I can't wait to meet my little nephew, yay!!!!

Anonymous said...