.:Hospital Bag:.

It's getting closer everyday!!! 
Just about a month now (Or Sooner!)
I decided I should probably get my hospital bag put together 
and set next to the door :)

1. Make-up

2. Mirror 

3. Dry Shampoo and Mousse

4. After Delivery SALTY Snacks ( I love salty snacks!)

5. Sparkling Cider. Just a little "bubbly" for celebrating :)

6. Sweet and Sour Snacks

7. Socks/Slippers with Grippers

8. Going Home Outfit & Long Button-Up Gown for After Delivery

9. Hygiene Product
-Shampoo - Conditioner - Hairspray - Face Wash - Face Wipes - Lotion - 
- Toothbrush/Paste - Floss - Mints - Hair Ties - Headband - Deodorant -
(not pictured: blow dryer, straightner, curling iron)

10. Tennis Ball (for hubby to use on me for back pain)

11. Cell Phone/ iPod/ Charger

12. Extra Bag to Bring Home Gifts In

13. Bowl of Candy and Thank You Notes to give to my Nurses 

14. Colored Pillowcase for my Own Pillow 
(not pictured: my pillow)

15. Large Hospital Bag and Extra Comfy Blanket 

Not pictured: magazines for entertainment :) 

I'm not sure if I'm missing anything (hopefully not!) 
We are so excited though! 
Just a little bit longer :)


BRAD and LEAH said...

Hi! My name is Leah and I am due with a baby girl sept. 1st. I have loved reading your blog! I made the swaddle blanket you posted, and I used the same ink pad and color you used. I just washed it and it turned from grey/black to brown :( did yours do that when you washed it?? I followed your instructions exactly. Just wondering if you can help. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just delivered my first baby two months ago and two things I couldn't have gone without in the hospital is chap stick!!! And as unappealing as it sounds, some women diapers like depends or tena. The hospital pads are not ideal and the diapers just provides that full coverage that your not worried about making a mess.

Arika Higley said...

My name is Arika and I just had my first little boy a year ago in August it is amazing! The only thing I would add is a belly bandit. It helps pull in your belly and gives so much support to those streched abs!
Good luck!

Katie said...

I love hospital bag posts! I need to get mine packed shortly also =)