Christmas in July!

I'm so ridiculous!

This little boy is still nestled in my tummy and yet I just bought him 
some gifts for his first Christmas, which I know he won't even use for quite some time! 

And I know that the little dude will be way more interested in the wrapping paper
other than the actual toys anyway, so we're going to keep it minimal for Chirstmas :)

But I totally couldn't not order these!
I went on Amazon and everything I clicked on led me to something
else that looked amazing and I just had to have ;)

I settled on 2 things for now. Both had AMAZING reviews! 

The first is this Plan Toy Walk Along Snail 

Everyone said that their little ones loved it and took it everywhere! 

The second thing I purchased, are a set of flash cards. 

I've been looking at lots of different ones and finally decided on these because of the great reviews!

I actually bought them from Wal-Mart online, because they are sold out on Amazon. 
But here is the Amazon Link so you can read the reviews. 

And there is one more thing that I'm thinking about buying 
mainly because they are so colorful and look like a lot of fun :)

They are any of the Grimm's Wooden Blocks 

They can be stacked in all different ways and the reviews for these are also really awesome!

Okay I'm done :) 
Come out, come out little guy!!! 

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Anonymous said...

So exciting!!! Not much more waiting to do love!