Baby Hospital/Diaper Bag

With getting my bag put together, I figured I should put baby boys bag together too :)

This is his Diaper bag/ Hospital bag, 
so not everything in here are things he'll need at the hospital necessarily.

1. Minky Blanket for Taking Baby Home In

2. Nursing Cover 

3. Gum, Mints, Suckers 
(for mommy and daddy) 

4. Nursing Pads 

5. Sophie Toy 
(ya, he won't need this for a while, but it's staying in the bag)

6. Hygiene Product 
- Diaper Cream - Thermometer - Nail Clippers - Nasal Aspirator - 
- Arm & Hammer Bags - Lotion - Nipple Cream - Baby Tylenol - Tissue -

7. Change of Outfits, Socks, Mittens

8. Notebook and Pen 
(to write down all the cute things he does to put in his baby book)

9. Lightweight Swaddling Blanket 

10. Diapers and Wipes 
(not pictured: changing pad)

11. Diaper Bag Big Enough For Everything :)

Not Pictured: Water Bottle and Binky

Since I'm a new mommy, 
anyone have any other suggestions to keep in his diaper/hospital bag? 


I'm Julia said...

I put baby face wipes in my diaper bag. That way if he spits up or has any milk on his face from feeding, I can wipe it up. Sometimes I felt like my baby would "break-out" if the dried milk stayed on his face and wasn't wiped away with something wet.. The baby face wipes are specifically meant for using on the baby's face so they are gentle and good for the skin. Also I put in a burp cloth but you could use your lightweight swaddling blanket I suppose. Also I have a cute little wallet/clutch that I throw in my diaper bag so I don't have to carry a purse as well. It holds my cards,cash,etc. Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with baby Tylenol, thermometer etc. the hospital will have all that stuff for little one!

Mrs H said...

I work on labor and delivery and Id suggest taking some of the baby hand mitts because their fingernails are like tiny razors! and im not sure where you live but in GA we provided the baby with all the diapers and wipes you will need while in the hospital:)

Elizabeth said...

To keep in your diaper bag in general... I kept lanolin for my sore nipples for the first few weeks; burp cloths are always nice to have; I like keeping my baby's immunization card in there (you'll probably get that at baby's first check up); and hand sanitizer.

Cherice Read said...

I always had hand sanitizer & wet one wipes (I'm a germ freak ever since i had my little boy), baby johnsons face & Hand wipes, Burp cloths, chapstick for me,little lotion for baby,sunscreen..I always pack extra in my diaper bag everywhere we go cause you never know when your gonna need something. NOw that my little boy is older I also have other items but you wont need those for a while.HOpe this helps.

Whitney said...

Hi, just wondering where the diaper bag is from, love it!

AK said...

Love your blog, but I agree that you don't need any diapers! Do bring wipes, though, because most hospitals only provide dry ones. Not great for cleaning off those first sticky, tar-like meconium diapers! (I suspect it's because some babies have reactions to the chemicals in th wipes.)

Also, though this is the wrong post, I would advise you to start using nipple balm BEFORE you even start nursing.

One more thing! Dr. Smith's diaper cream is unbelievably awesome and my baby started to get a slight rash while in the hospital. Just my recommendation. :)

AK said...

I just noticed, it looks like you already have the Dr. Smith's!