Christmas in July!

I'm so ridiculous!

This little boy is still nestled in my tummy and yet I just bought him 
some gifts for his first Christmas, which I know he won't even use for quite some time! 

And I know that the little dude will be way more interested in the wrapping paper
other than the actual toys anyway, so we're going to keep it minimal for Chirstmas :)

But I totally couldn't not order these!
I went on Amazon and everything I clicked on led me to something
else that looked amazing and I just had to have ;)

I settled on 2 things for now. Both had AMAZING reviews! 

The first is this Plan Toy Walk Along Snail 

Everyone said that their little ones loved it and took it everywhere! 

The second thing I purchased, are a set of flash cards. 

I've been looking at lots of different ones and finally decided on these because of the great reviews!

I actually bought them from Wal-Mart online, because they are sold out on Amazon. 
But here is the Amazon Link so you can read the reviews. 

And there is one more thing that I'm thinking about buying 
mainly because they are so colorful and look like a lot of fun :)

They are any of the Grimm's Wooden Blocks 

They can be stacked in all different ways and the reviews for these are also really awesome!

Okay I'm done :) 
Come out, come out little guy!!! 

little dude come out and play!

Josh is trying to convince the little dude to come out and play already! 

I had my 37 week doctor visit yesterday and I was sooooo nervous for it!

I was so scared for them to check my cervix because I've heard it's really uncomfortable.

As Josh and I waited in the office with a little paper sheet barely covering me,
my nerves were peeking!

But it totally wasn't that bad... okay it was uncomfortable and I may have grabbed both
Josh's hand and the doctors hand as she was pressing down on my tummy haha
but it really wasn't a huge deal. 

Unfortunately I haven't dilated at all. Well she said I was dilated to a fingertip,
which is basically nothing. Bummer! 

For some reason I had this vision in my mind that I was gonna be dilated to a 5
and she was gonna tell me to go the hospital immediately 
and I was going to be holding my baby boy right now ;) 

Wishful thinking! Ha!

I'm just hoping now that I drop soon and don't have to wait too much longer :)

Now for a 37 week belly picture...
The doctor, last week, said my tummy was measuring small so we had another 
ultrasound and the results came back that baby boy is measuring right on track!!! 
And the fluid around him is looking great too! 

thank goodness! I was worried all week that something wasn't right!
They said my belly is just measuring small because of the way little dude is positioned :)

Come on my little coco bean, I really want to snuggle you!

Full Term!

I'm 37 weeks tomorrow! 
Full term baby! 

I'm really hoping that this little dude will come early, 
any suggestions on how to get labor started?? :)

I've been having braxton hicks contractions pretty much everyday 
and several times a day. Sometimes they are accompanied by cramping
but are very sporadic. 

It's still hard to believe I'm going to be a mom within the next few weeks!
It's so surreal. 

Josh and I have been so busy trying to get the house ready for his arrival!

We've ordered the kitchen flooring which will be installed in the next couple weeks
and we just finished remodeling our bathroom, which I'll have to take some pictures of it.

It turned out really cute :)

The little guys room is just about done!
My mom is just finishing sewing his curtains and then I'll take some pictures of that too :)

It's mine and Josh's favorite room!
Sometimes I'll catch him sitting on the rocker in there.

Josh's friends from work bought us the baby's carseat that goes with his stroller
and it was seriously the best day ever to take it out of the box and get 
it all set up and ready! 

ohhh I just can't wait to snuggle this little babe! 

Baby Hospital/Diaper Bag

With getting my bag put together, I figured I should put baby boys bag together too :)

This is his Diaper bag/ Hospital bag, 
so not everything in here are things he'll need at the hospital necessarily.

1. Minky Blanket for Taking Baby Home In

2. Nursing Cover 

3. Gum, Mints, Suckers 
(for mommy and daddy) 

4. Nursing Pads 

5. Sophie Toy 
(ya, he won't need this for a while, but it's staying in the bag)

6. Hygiene Product 
- Diaper Cream - Thermometer - Nail Clippers - Nasal Aspirator - 
- Arm & Hammer Bags - Lotion - Nipple Cream - Baby Tylenol - Tissue -

7. Change of Outfits, Socks, Mittens

8. Notebook and Pen 
(to write down all the cute things he does to put in his baby book)

9. Lightweight Swaddling Blanket 

10. Diapers and Wipes 
(not pictured: changing pad)

11. Diaper Bag Big Enough For Everything :)

Not Pictured: Water Bottle and Binky

Since I'm a new mommy, 
anyone have any other suggestions to keep in his diaper/hospital bag? 

.:Hospital Bag:.

It's getting closer everyday!!! 
Just about a month now (Or Sooner!)
I decided I should probably get my hospital bag put together 
and set next to the door :)

1. Make-up

2. Mirror 

3. Dry Shampoo and Mousse

4. After Delivery SALTY Snacks ( I love salty snacks!)

5. Sparkling Cider. Just a little "bubbly" for celebrating :)

6. Sweet and Sour Snacks

7. Socks/Slippers with Grippers

8. Going Home Outfit & Long Button-Up Gown for After Delivery

9. Hygiene Product
-Shampoo - Conditioner - Hairspray - Face Wash - Face Wipes - Lotion - 
- Toothbrush/Paste - Floss - Mints - Hair Ties - Headband - Deodorant -
(not pictured: blow dryer, straightner, curling iron)

10. Tennis Ball (for hubby to use on me for back pain)

11. Cell Phone/ iPod/ Charger

12. Extra Bag to Bring Home Gifts In

13. Bowl of Candy and Thank You Notes to give to my Nurses 

14. Colored Pillowcase for my Own Pillow 
(not pictured: my pillow)

15. Large Hospital Bag and Extra Comfy Blanket 

Not pictured: magazines for entertainment :) 

I'm not sure if I'm missing anything (hopefully not!) 
We are so excited though! 
Just a little bit longer :)

// sneak.

I cannot wait to have this little guys room finished!

So far, it is my most favorite room in the house
and I'll just go sit on the rocker and take a nap :)

It is so calming and relaxing in here. 

Here are just a couple pictures of what it looks 
like so far and there is still so much left to do!

More pictures to come once it's finished! 
(hopefully next week sometime)

Yummy Baked Tacos

I'll admit, I'm not the best cook.
Although I LOVE to eat and wish I was better, 
I just do better with fool proof recipes :)

With becoming a mother soon, I def. want to be able to have a few recipes 
that will be easy and yummy to whip up!

My mother in law gave me this recipe and it was 
so yummy + really easy which is great for me! Ha

What you need: 

1 LB. Ground Beef
1 Can Refried Beans 
1/2 Can Tomato Sauce
1 Packet of Taco Seasoning
Shredded Cheese
8-10 Medium Sized Flour Tortillas 
& yumminess for toppings! (lettuce, tomato, olives, avocado, etc)


Preheat oven to 350.

Brown the ground beef, drain grease. 
Add taco seasoning as directed on packet. 

Add in half a can of tomato sauce and can of refried beans.

Mix together.

Scoop mixture into tortillas and stand them up right in a casserole dish. 
Sprinkle with shredded cheese.
Bake for 10-12 minutes. 

While tacos are baking, shred the lettuce, cut up tomatoes and avocado 
and prepare any other yummy toppings!

Serve and Enjoy!!! 

Seriously, they are so good! 
I think they would be really good with some Spanish rice mixed in them too!!