// A Few Details //

I am so beyond excited for my baby shower! 
Josh and I registered for all sorts of goodies the other day 
and everything is becoming so real and oh my! Do we really need all that stuff!?

I just want this little guy here already :)

Gold Washi Tape makes everything pretty :)
.. so do mint colored envelopes ..

And here are just a few sneak peak pictures of the little guys nursery
(that has yet to be finished!)

Studio Mucci custom made garland 


Jill said...

New Follower. :) I absolutely adore the invites and the nursery decor! The garland is so cute and whimsical. I am planning on making one for my baby boy too... I'm happy to see one in a boy's nursery... I feel like I always see them in little girls. You did an amazing job!

// said...

Thank you so much! I love the garland! I wasn't sure if it would be too feminine, but I love it in there!! :)

Mrs.B said...

Love those invites!!

Jaimie said...

So cute!!! I am excited for your shower too :). I can not wait to meet this little guy!!!!

Danielle said...

Hi, just found your blog....where did you find the wire baskets?? Would love them for my nursery :)