Wow, it's been a minute since I've written on my blog!
So here's a little of whats been going on :)

Life has been crazy since summer has arrived.

Josh finished one semester at school, just to start up
another summer semester. I'm so very proud of him
but we are both so ready for him to be done! :)

On the 18th, we celebrated Joshs 26th Birthday and
then on the 21st we celebrated my 25th :)

We had a big BBQ at my mother-in-laws home
which was so much fun and of course the amazing food was awesome!

Some yummy fruit kabobs I made and some strawberry lemonade

So as most of you know, my husband does not like spending
money on himself, ever. He will wear things until there are holes in it
and just awful looking. So for his birthday I bought him some
new cleats for softball. He plays every summer on a
city team with his friends and the cleats he was wearing were from
like 10 years ago! They didn't even look like shoes anymore!
So he was pretty excited about his new ones :) Score one for me
because I usually suck at buying gifts!

I also bought him a weed eater for the yard.
Since this is our first real summer in the house, it was kind of necessary :)

And then Josh totally made my whole birthday and got me the diaper bag
I've been drooling over ever since I found out I was pregnant!!!

I'm so obsessed with it. All the reviews online have given it 5 stars and
everyone I know who has it, says they love it! I'm getting to excited to start
buying stuff to put in it :)

We've also been trying to get the house finished
as much as we can before the baby comes.
And it seems we have so much to do!
We bought these super cute lights for the exterior
and have started some landscaping in the backyard.

BUT, we still need to paint a hallway and the babies room,
put in the new kitchen floor, buy a new kitchen table, and
finish our laundry room, with a lot of little things in between!
Whew! One step at a time :) At least we got the crib and rocker ordered!

Another exciting thing that happened this month, my sister and niece
have finally moved back to Utah from Kentucky!
It's bittersweet because her husband is getting deployed
but she gets to be closer to her family.

We took my niece Tess to a bakery the other day and then to get snow
cones and to the park. She also was so obsessed with jumping
on our trampoline. Oh, I've missed her so much! So happy she's here
and that my sister will be here when our little boy arrives!!!

I feel like time is moving so slow and so fast all at once.
I'll be 29 weeks this coming week and Josh and I are
getting so excited to finally meet this little guy! I feel like my
belly is getting so huge and I can't even imagine getting bigger!

I'm dying to get back to my pre-pregnancy body.
I really had no idea how much this would effect me emotionally.
Being pregnant is so amazing, but it's really hard watching your body go
through all these changes physically. It's all worth it though, right?

I'm going to try to be better at writing more and taking more chalkboard pics. 
Life is just starting to get crazy, in a good way :)

For some reason my blog deleted all the blogs I've been following!
So I need new ones :)


Cherice Read said...

You are too cute. THat little boy will be here before you know it.

Whitney M. @ themarriedme said...

Just a quick top 5 for you to check out!

Whitney M. @ themarriedme said...

Just a quick top 5 for you to check out!

Haylie said...

Hey there! I love your blog because I am also pregnant and a week ahead of you! I'm 30 weeks today with our first baby :). Anyway, I just found the Baby Garvin blog listed above and have been obsessed! So I recommend that. Of course if you don't already follow. I have a blog myself and I am going to start writing more and doing more lifestyle posts. Right now it is based on design and style. But if you'd like to check it out it is Your looking amazing, I can't believe how tiny you are! I'm going to check out that diaper bag too :) happy birthday!

Katie said...

Oh your belly is still so tiny! Love that diaper bag! I lust after Petunia Pickle Bottom bags =)