DIY: Stamped Baby Blanket

So I'm dying over the super adorable printed/stamped baby blankets that are all over the place!
But spending $40+ on one swaddling blanket, seems a little pricey for me :)

So I decided why not just make some!?

I got all my supplies at Joann fabric and used coupons for a total of $28, which got me 
2 blankets, 1 stamp, paint brushes, stamp pad and 2 paints! 
So now I can make as many as I want :)

Here's how to make your own :)


1. Fabric ( however large you want your blanket to be. I used 1 yard) 
I got both a gauze material and an organic cotton that is super soft! 
2. Martha Stewart Craft Paint. This paint can be used on fabric!
3. Memento Ink Pad. This ink can also be used on fabric!
4. Foam brushes (if you choose to use the craft paint)
5. Stamps! I bought this is one at Joann, but they also have tons at Hobby Lobby 
and they have super cute ones on Etsy!

Step 1. 
If you are using the ink pad, press your stamp firmly into it, 
making sure to cover the entire stamp. 
If you're using the craft paint, take your foam brush and dab on the paint to the stamp 
(not too much is needed). 
Do not brush it on, because it will leave stroke marks!

Step 2. 
If using the ink pad, you will press the stamp down firmly onto your fabric, 
evenly distributing the pressure.
If using the craft paint, you don't want to press too firmly. 
(Otherwise it will just look like a big blob of paint.)

This is what it should look like when using the ink pad. 

You can do complete random placings of the stamp, like I did
or follow a pattern if you'd like.  

Step 3. 
Okay so this is the important part. 
This is going to make the ink completely permanent. 

You will need to heat treat each stamped area.
**If using the craft paint you will need to wait at least 24 hours before ironing**
*You can iron almost immediately after using the ink pad*

You will want to use a different piece of cotton fabric or parchment paper to place 
on top of the stamped area while ironing. 

Make sure your iron is on the highest setting. 

Press firmly on the iron and let it sit about 1 minute on each stamped area. 
(You will also want to repeat this process on the backside of the fabric) 

Once finished, you can hem the blanket for a finished look!

**You want to wait at least 2 weeks before washing the blanket**

Pros and Cons to both Craft Paint and Ink Pad

Craft Paint: 
Comes in a ton of colors and can even be mixed to create endless color choices! 
Leaves a stiff feeling on fabric 

Ink Pad:
Doesn't come in a lot of colors
Has a printed feeling, it looks like it actually came printed like that! 

And here is the finished product! 

I love this gauzey one for summer! 
So soft and comfy

I'm going to add some super soft minky fabric to the back 
of this one for a more cuddly time blanket :)

Good luck!!

Also a baby update!
I had my 21 week ultrasound yesterday and baby boy is already 1lb.1oz!

It kind freaked me out to know that I still have 19 weeks left and hes already a pound! But I seriously can't wait for him to get here!


Jaimie said...

That's a super cute blanket! I really want to do that run with you, I was kinda sick on Easter when you asked me so I probably didn't sound too enthusiastic, sorry :(..but we should do it! You can bring baby boy over to my house and I will watch him while you run on my treadmill downstairs :). I can not wait to meet this little boy!!! Yay!!!

Maggie Diamond said...

Super cute idea. Im excited to try this.

Katie Jo said...

Love this!!


bibi said...

Such a cute blanket and you`re so creative :)

Leta Lately said...

You make such cute things! I can't wait to do something like this when I'm expecting! Love reading along :)

Amber Koogler said...

Thank you for the tips on heat setting the paint! I'm working on a set if blankets and was totally coming up short on instructions for that part!

-Amber @

Anonymous said...

I made a bunch of these two weeks ago and just washed them today. I heat treated exactly how you say to and just a warning, all of the colors of the momento ink I tried other than the black and gray wash out. I tried pink, blue and green.

Sheri Money said...

I love that mint color and I'm sure I could find it in a fabric paint, but I'm hoping to use an ink pad instead because I like the look of doing it that way better. Any suggestions on where to find ink pads that can be used for fabric and that come in a variety of colors?

Miriam Godoy said...

You can use fabric medium with the acrylic paint and it should be makes it easier and you can use a larger variety of colors.