DIY: Floral Crown

I made a fabric floral crown for my soon to be taken maternity pictures :)
I love how it turned out so here is how I made it...

1: Start with a bunch of different fabrics. 
This is what you'll make the fabric flowers out of so 
choose a color scheme or just neutrals work well too :)

You'll also want beads,buttons, a headband and silk flowers if you'd like. 

Step 2 takes the longest. 
You will need to cut out and glue together your fabric flowers. 
There are all kinds of fabric flowers that you can make and there are tons of 
tutorials on Pinterest :)

Once the flowers have been made, you will start hot gluing them to the headband
using felt as the backing. 

I like the look of a very full crown, so I added a ton of flowers and overlapped them.
I also added some silk flowers and leaves.

Continue doing this until your headband is covered as much as you like :)

I love how it looks, but I think I'm going to make one with some silk flowers too :)

I can't wait to take my maternity pictures!
I'm waiting for the orchards to bloom, so I'm thinking late May. 
I can't wait to show you guys!