22 weeks!

Omg I haven't done this in forever! 
I'm so bad at stuff like this. 

But here is my 22 weeks post and no chalkboard drawing this time.
I wanted to try using photoshop instead :)

I can't even believe I'm 5 1/2 months already! 

It literally feels like we JUST found out we were pregnant!
I feel like there is so much stuff that we need to get done and we
only have 3 months to do it :)

I've been able to feel this little one move every once in a while since about 16 weeks 
but now I feel him about 15 times a day almost and Josh can feel & SEE him too!
My stomach will just be poppin', especially when we are listening to music. 
It's so funny! 

I am feeling so huge these days, I can't even imagine 
what I'll feel like in just a couple more months!
It is so shocking to me what a woman's body goes through during pregnancy!
I never thought it would be like this, but I'm embracing every part of it :)

I've started working out again about 4 times a week
and it's made me feel sooo much better and has helped with my energy levels 
and just overall well being!  

My doctor told me something that totally hit me hard. 
He said labor and delivery is not a sprint, it's a marathon 
and the more you workout and the better shape you're in,
the easier your labor and delivery will usually be. 
I took it to heart and completely agree. 
I think working out up until delivery will help a ton, 
with stamina and just getting through the pain :)

I have seriously had nightmares about going through labor.
I'm completely terrified!
&& then to make it worse, I made the mistake of watching
a labor/delivery video from like the 90's.
I watched it by myself one night and just started crying.
Can my body really handle this!?

I've also been thinking about taking a Lamaze class with Josh.
Has anyone taken one? Did you like it/not like it?? 
I'm just trying to be as prepared as possible, mentally and physically 
because I'm pretty much the worlds biggest baby when it comes to pain.

Well, that's pretty much it for now!
I'm going to try and be better at these updates :)

Oh and I HAD to show you, because I'm obsessed with it.
I made this fabric floral crown today for my maternity pictures at the end of next month!
I'm soo excited and now I just need to find the perfect dress :)


Alexis said...

I never worked out during my pregnancy... We walked towards the end.. But after my first push my son was half way out. By the next push he was out. 2 pushes total and I was done!! I know everyone is different but hopefully things go fast for you as well.

Jaimie said...

You're too cute girl! It was fun to see you yesterday! We need to hang out more often :). Don't worry about pregnancy weight, I gained 62 pounds with Jett and 80 pounds with Jaiden. You'll be back to your skinny little self before ya know it ;)

// said...

That's how my sister was! She didn't work out or anything she seriously only pushed for like 30 min haha I'm just paranoid about everything so I tend to take things to the extreme :/

// said...

Jaimie, you are my motivation! Haha everytime I look in the mirror I just think about how tiny you are and how flat your tummy is! But ya! We do need to hang out more :)

I'm Julia said...

You are looking great!! I think exercising whether it will help with labor or not is good for you and baby! I am about 37 weeks and I am just trying to walk everyday, but even that is getting hard because I am feeling so big!! But my doctor highly recommended exercising because there are just so many benefits! We just started our birthing classes and I am really enjoying them so far! This is our first baby and we don't know much at all so we are taking in everything we are learning. It is a good idea to take an infant CPR/safety class as well if you can?! And we also signed up for breastfeeding and newborn care... Keep going mama! You're doing great!

Nicole said...

Will you do a tutorial for the floral crown??? So adorable!!!

// said...

Yes! I will do one for sure!

// said...

Thank you for the feedback! I didn't even think of taking a CPR, I'm going to def. look into that!

Erin said...

You are so cute!! And I took Bradley classes and really loved them! Even if your not planning on having a natural childbirth (I didn't) they teach you great info!