My Summer Pregnancy Must Haves

1. Spandex (One Size Fits All) Shirts. 
I own so many of these since becoming pregnant because they are soooo comfy! They are one size fits all and stretch with your growing belly, so you can wear them throughout your pregnancy and after the baby is here! I have bought them at several places including, Bohme Boutique, DownEast Basics and other various boutiques.

2. A good a comfortable pair of maternity shorts. 
I bought mine at Motherhood Maternity . They are so comfy and good to have for pregnant mamas in the summer + my husband even said my butt looked cute in them :) That has to say something for these maternity shorts right?! ;)

3. A maxi skirt!
I love my maxi skirt and need to buy some more for summer. I bought mine at DownEast Basics and it has to be the most comfortable one I've ever tried on. The ones at DownEast are also long, for us tall girls :) And the fabric is perfect and so soft!

4. A TON of empire waist summer dresses. 
I own so many dresses it's kind of ridiculous. I love them during the summer! Especially when used with a cute belt to accentuate your growing belly. Wearing dresses is my favorite, I feel light and airy in them, and can move around easily without feeling restricted.

5. A good exfoliating scrub & loofah
Improves the look of your skin by removing dead skin cells and increases blood flow. I LOVE my Victoria Secret Wild at Heart 2-in-1 wash. The scent is really important, you will be using this everyday, so get something that you can handle. While being pregnant, overly fruity or sugary scents make me nauseous and this is the perfect scent! It is light and clean, without being overly powerful.

6. A Good Lotion! 
This is supper important. I put lotion on my belly anytime it starts to itch (from stretching) I massage it in and it helps relieve the itch and soothes my skin. I use Palmers Coco Butter. I also love Olay lotion.

7. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs or a Spray On Tan. 
While being pregnant I haven't been tanning and since it's been winter and we are getting into spring, a good spray tan can do wonders for your self esteem! Spray tans have come so far since years ago. No longer does it look like you're an oompa loompa (if done the right way). *When getting a spray tan done, make sure to exfoliate extremely well before hand and to shave :) I go to my local tanning salon and do the mystic tanning system.

If you're still a little worried about the outcome of a spray tan, try the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I'm obsessed with this stuff! It seriously makes your legs looks perfect!

8. A Good Powder Foundation. 
It obviously gets extremely hot during the summer and while being pregnant, I've become even hotter than usual and extremely sweaty! Gross, I know. A good powder foundation is great for summertime. It's so much lighter than liquid foundation and helps hide any oil that creates on your face. I LOVE Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation. 

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