Spring Break 2013

Every year, my mother in law takes all the kids for
a spring break getaway to Mesquite from the Utah cold!

We always have so much fun gambling, golfing and playing in the pool :)

This year, Josh and I drove down early and stayed at The Mirage
in Vegas for a night. We got a late start the day we left so by the
time we got there, we wanted to get some dinner and walk around the strip.

I'm obsessed with Vegas. I'm dying over the fact that we didn't move down there.
Vegas to me is like Disneyland to kids. I'm obsessed and I don't even know why.
I don't drink, but I just love it down there!!!

I'm working on a little video montage of the fun things we did :)
But for now here's some pictures!
I hate not being able to get pictures of both Josh and I and Josh hates
pictures by himself, so here's what we captured due to that...

Oh and I'm 18 weeks and a couple days :)
We were thinking about going back in May for our birthdays but I don't know if
I'll feel up to it at 27 weeks ;)

Heading the the pool :)

Baby bump! 
Yep, I rocked a bikini you guys!!! :)

The husband looking handsome as ever :)

At the Venetian. I'm obsessed with it in there and their yummy Gelato! 

I'm not sure why I look so terrified!? 

The pretty pink flower tree!!! 

Getting ready for breakfast at the Sugar Factory!

Walking around the strip in the AM. 

Filling up on some OJ, before going to the Bodies Exhibit! 

I sneaked some pics of the husband ;) 

And just a few more baby bump shots, because I kind of love it :)

While we were in Vegas, Josh surprised me with tickets to the Bodies exhibit.
I'm obsessed with learning about the human body.
Everything about it fascinates me so I couldn't wait to get inside!

I wish they would have let us take pictures, but being in there was pretty awesome
and pretty gross too. It made my stomach turn a little, but still interesting!

Vacation video to come soon!!! < 3


Kelsey Lenay said...

You're just the most gorgeous momma-to-be! I am sure you had a great time; I have always wanted to go to Vegas! :)

XO, Kelsey

Katie Jo said...

You're a gorgeous mom-to-be...if only we could all be so lucky ;)

I love Vegas too!


Cherice Read said...

You are so adorable. I loved being pregnant and miss it every day. My little boy is 10 months already and it has flown by so fast. Love your blog. Boys are so fun to dress to. And baby gap is one of my favorite places to shop for him. I have the same jeans you got from their and they are my favorite and so comfy for him. Come check my blog out if you have time.