Run Disney!

So while being pregnant you're body obviously changes, like a ton!

In fact it definitely scared me a little to see the scale start to creep up
to numbers I haven't seen! I quickly changed my eating habits and
am trying to eliminate sugary foods out of my diet. Ice cream and otter
pops, just aren't cutting it anymore, now that I'm feeling better :)
Since trying to eat healthier I've maintained the 20 lbs. I've already put on :)
(I've also started working out, which I'm hoping will help with my post baby body)

Anyway! I've already started thinking about my workout routine and what I'm
going to have to do and how I am going to have to motivate myself after the
baby comes to get back to my pre-pregnancy bod.

One of my girlfriends actually introduced me to the idea of running!
She is actually training right now to do a Disneyland marathon
in September!! When she told me about this, I about died.

Okay, so I hate running, but running through the happiest place on earth!?
Sign me up! (for next summer, of course)

I'm totally wanting to do this and it will give me something to look forward to
and work towards (hopefully giving me motivation) after baby boy is here!

My friend is going to run the marathon with her sister and then she going to
spend 3 days at Disneyland with her husband and daughter!
Sounds super fun right!?

Well, apparently Disney does all kinds of races, from after dark villain races to
Disney princesses races! Both at Disneyland and Disney World!!!

I told Josh we HAVE to do the 1/2 marathon next September (2014)!
Baby boy will be a year old and it's a good excuse for the husband to take me to Disneyland ;)
He told me I can do the marathon and he'll come support me (he hates running and even
Disneyland couldn't get him to do it!!)

I'm so excited! Yes, even though I'm still pregnant haha but it's Disneyland!!!
And going to Disneyland with a baby, seriously I'm dying just thinking about
all the happiness, corn dogs and churros!!!

I literally cried while walking down Main Street USA with Josh the first time
we went to Disneyland together.  I grew up at Disneyland, so to share all of my
happy childhood memories with my husband was amazing and I can't even imagine
what it will be like going as a family of 3!

CLICK HERE to check out all the Disney races available.


Jaimie said...

FUN!!!! I wanna come :)

Tiffany Torgusson said...

I also gained 20 pounds in my first trimester because everything made me nauseous so I ate a ton of unhealthy stuff, basically whatever I could keep down. But once my second trimester approached I started feeling better, working out and eating healthy again. I actually dropped 2 pounds! It is so hard to be pregnant and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle! SO many people use it as an excuse to go crazy, so good for you!!

// said...

Jaimie! We should do it and train together for next summer!' :)

// said...

Tiffany! Im te same way, it was basically whatever I wouldn't throw up is what I ate and that was usually ice cream haha and I've lost a couple lbs as well! I was a little worried about it but figured its because I've been eating healthier now haha. And I totally agree it is hard, but I think it's totally worth it to try and eat healthy (for at least most of the week) ;) haha