My Must Have Products

Just a quick video on some of my favorite hair and makeup products!


I'm Julia said...

Hey! I have a quick question about the philosophy microdelivery exfoliating wash. Did you use that as your only face wash? Or did you use that and something else? Also, does it help or work okay if you have minor ache? Thanks!

P.s. How did you like the aveeno scrub?!?

// said...

Hi! I loved the aveeno scrub, actually a lot more than I thought I would! It works just as well with making my skin just as smooth and clean! And I only used the philosophy wash as a facial and neck cleanser. I use it in the morning, and then just a basic oil free cleanser to wash my makeup off at night :) and it helps a little with minor acne but when I get bad acne I use an acne cleanser :)