well hello, hello.

What we've been up to!!

I've been quite a busy body this past week,
ever since finding out we're having a baby boy!

I had my 17 week doctor appointment yesterday
and I swear, hearing little boys heartbeat is incredible!
I just laid there while the doctor was talking to my husband
about having a little boy and just listening away to the little thumps
of his little heart. It was so amazing and is every time I hear it!

I've been dying over Baby Gaps baby boy clothes and 
the cute cute cute Peter Rabbit line that is on sale now!

I LOVED Peter Rabbit growing up! It was my absolute favorite! 

So of course I had to get these cute little things for him :)
Seriously, how cute are those jeans!? And they are lined with the softest fabric ever!

I went shopping with my mom last weekend to buy some maternity clothes,
because using a rubberband around my jeans, is just not cutting it anymore!

Can I just say that gap maternity jeans are pretty amazing, they really are so comfy
and don't look too bad :) 

Anyway, my mom bought me this adorable baby book while we were out and about! 
I've already filled out a few pages. 
The graphics are to die for and there are questions like 
"When your parents met we...", "why we felt we needed you in our life..."
and then has places to record new moments with baby, questions and places
to fill in about the nursery, about the delivery, baby's first haircut, etc. 

It's seriously too cute!

My husband has been studying his bum off for all his tests coming up!
He's starting up his internship again next week as a field engineer which he can't wait for!

He loves what he does but I think he's a little over school ;)

I've also been busy sewing for the little one. 
I found this super cute navy and cream striped knit fabric and decided I had to make
a carseat cover with it!!! I'm still working on it, but am loving the tan leather straps
paired with the nautical navy blue :)

(I also bought some extra to make a blanket because it's so cute and soft!)

We haven't started on the nursery yet, but will be very soon!
I have already made a giant list of to-dos and to-buys :)

But for now, some of his stuff is just laid out on the floor of his nursery,
which makes me smile every time I walk buy :)

That's what we've been up to so far! 

I'm still nauseous, although the prescriptions works wonders when I take them!
Yesterday though, I didn't take one because I felt fine, but as soon as Josh 
and I stepped into a restaurant, I threw up all over the place. I was so embarrassed
and apologized a thousand times while my husband cleaned it up. 

The poor employees just gave me the saddest looks haha. 
Oh pregnancy. 

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Jess said...

I know this is an older post, but I was looking at that same baby book! It is seriously adorable!