Hair Extensions.

I've been using hair extensions for about 8 years now.
I started using them in high school, and fell in love!

I always get complimented on my hair at the most random places
and I always have to share with the girls who compliment me that 
it's not my actual hair! :) maybe I should stop, and just let them believe that is? 

My hair DOES NOT grow. It literally has been the length it is now since like Jr. High. 

So when I realized I could buy hair extensions at Sally Beauty, I about died!
I saved up all my money for my first pair of extensions and was in heaven! 

I started out with the kind you braid/sew in. 
I did them myself at home and they lasted about a month. 
I eventually learned how to do them better and they started lasting a 
little longer. 

Pretty soon, I got sick of always trying to keep up with the growth so 
I took them out and tried the glue in extensions. 

They RUINED my hair, literally. The so called shampoo that is supposed
to loosen the bond between the glue and your head, did not work at all. 
I was literally pulling out chunks of hair to get the dumb things out! 

I decided my hair needed a break and stopped wearing them when I was about 19-ish.

When I started dating Josh, I knew he loved long hair! 
I asked him what he thought about hair extensions (since my ex thought they were disgusting)
But Josh liked the idea. His mom does hair and so he knows all about them and thought they
were pretty cool :)

Well I decided to give the extension world another try. 
This time I got the clip in extensions and Sally Beauty. They cost me about $80
But I loved them! I thought it was amazing to be able to clip-in/out your hair. 

I remember trying to sleep being a total B when I had the sew in kind, 
so to be able to take these out at night?! SCORE!

Eventually I started searching and looking for better brands and better quality hair. 

I tried several different kind but happened to stumble upon LUXY hair extensions and I feel in love!
**This is not a sponsored post**
I just seriously love them. They are the highest quality human remy hair that I've found.
They don't tangle, the hair is thick and soft and just awesome! 
++ the price is pretty amazing.

They last me about a year, sometimes longer, depending on the wear. 
And the 20" length is perfect!!!

100% human remy hair, means that you can curl, straighten and 
even color the hair without it being ruined. 

I buy the lightest blonde and then have them dyed to match my hair.

Anyway, I love extensions, they are my absolute favorite invention ever ;)

Watch the video below to see how I clip mine in and how I style them!!!


Alexis said...

What curling iron do you use? :)

Cherice Read said...

I love your hair extensions. Do you live in Utah? And if so who does your hair color? And I have kind of shorter hair and really thin. My longest piece is probably2 inches down from my chin. Do you think these extensions would work for me still? I've always wanted to try them but never have cause my hair is so thin.Thanks

// said...

It's a 1 1/2 inch Hot Tools iron. I also have a Revlon 1 1/2 inch Iron that I love as well! :)

// said...

Hi! Thank you and yes I do. My mother in law has been doing my hair for the past few years, she works out of the Lehi area. But I have extremely fine hair and that's why I love these so much! I get the smallest set they have of 120 grams so the hair doesn't overpower my thin hair. With very short hair, it is a little harder to blend, but seeing how you have fine hair, it shouldnt be too difficult :)

Stefanie said...

My hair is about the same length as yours and I just ordered 22 inch. Starting to think I should have stuck to 20, dang it!

Cherice Read said...

Thank you for responding back to me. Is she taking new clients do you know? I live in slc but my family lives in lehi so wouldn't be problem at all for me to drive down there since I'll have to anyway for my mom to watch my little boy. BTW, you are so cute pregnant. I know it might sound weird but I absolutely loved being pregnant and miss it so much. My little boy is 10 1/2 months and feels like I just had him a month ago. Goes by so fast. I have a blog too and would love if you were one of my followers. You and your husband are too cute! That little boy is gonna be adorable.THanks again.
My blog is

trish said...

Thanks for this video!
What other brands of extensions have you tried? I have read mixed reviews of the Luxy, but I love the price! Have you tried headKandy? They have a better selection of colors, and pretty good reviews. I do not color my hair, so I'd prefer if I didn't have to pay to get my extensions colored.

// said...

Cherice, yes she is taking new clients :) I'll get her work number and give it to you :) she does an awesome job! And thank you do much! I'm finally loving being pregnant now that I'm not so sick! But I'll def. check your blog out! :)

// said...

Hi Trish! I have tried all the brands that Sally Beauty carries, there have been a couple I've tried from online stores. I can't remember the names of them! But by far luxy is my favorite! I've heard mixed reviews about them too, but everytime I've purchased from them I've loved the quality of them! And ya coloring the extensions isn't fun, but with so many blondes in my hair, I like it to be exact :)

Cherice Read said...

Thank you so much. I'm looking for someone new to do my hair blonde like yours and I love it. I'll wait to hear from you. My number is 541-619-5661 if you want to text number. Thanks again so much. Btw, being pregnant is amazing esp when you start feeling him kick and move a lot. But then labor and delivery is amazing. I know I'm weird br I loved every minute of labor and delivery.

Cherice Read said...

Hey. I hope I'm not being a bother but I'm getting close to needing my hair done and wanted to see of you had your mother in laws number so I can make an appt with her? Thanks so much.

// said...

Hey Cherice! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you! Her work number is 801-766-3188 her name is Colleen :)

Cherice Read said...

Thank you so much. I'll be making an appt soon.

Anonymous said...

i just found this tutorial on pinterest and i'm so glad i did! i have similar hair to you, fine and slow growing. i recently got married and bought hair extensions to use for my wedding and i thought that i would never use them again but i followed your steps this morning and it worked perfectly! now i just need some practice with the curling iron...
thanks! ~Jes

Anonymous said...

What color did you buy, Ash Blonde or Bleach Blonde?