Run Disney!

So while being pregnant you're body obviously changes, like a ton!

In fact it definitely scared me a little to see the scale start to creep up
to numbers I haven't seen! I quickly changed my eating habits and
am trying to eliminate sugary foods out of my diet. Ice cream and otter
pops, just aren't cutting it anymore, now that I'm feeling better :)
Since trying to eat healthier I've maintained the 20 lbs. I've already put on :)
(I've also started working out, which I'm hoping will help with my post baby body)

Anyway! I've already started thinking about my workout routine and what I'm
going to have to do and how I am going to have to motivate myself after the
baby comes to get back to my pre-pregnancy bod.

One of my girlfriends actually introduced me to the idea of running!
She is actually training right now to do a Disneyland marathon
in September!! When she told me about this, I about died.

Okay, so I hate running, but running through the happiest place on earth!?
Sign me up! (for next summer, of course)

I'm totally wanting to do this and it will give me something to look forward to
and work towards (hopefully giving me motivation) after baby boy is here!

My friend is going to run the marathon with her sister and then she going to
spend 3 days at Disneyland with her husband and daughter!
Sounds super fun right!?

Well, apparently Disney does all kinds of races, from after dark villain races to
Disney princesses races! Both at Disneyland and Disney World!!!

I told Josh we HAVE to do the 1/2 marathon next September (2014)!
Baby boy will be a year old and it's a good excuse for the husband to take me to Disneyland ;)
He told me I can do the marathon and he'll come support me (he hates running and even
Disneyland couldn't get him to do it!!)

I'm so excited! Yes, even though I'm still pregnant haha but it's Disneyland!!!
And going to Disneyland with a baby, seriously I'm dying just thinking about
all the happiness, corn dogs and churros!!!

I literally cried while walking down Main Street USA with Josh the first time
we went to Disneyland together.  I grew up at Disneyland, so to share all of my
happy childhood memories with my husband was amazing and I can't even imagine
what it will be like going as a family of 3!

CLICK HERE to check out all the Disney races available.

Healthy Pregnancy Must Haves

1. Lean Cuisine.
If I'm being honest, the main thing that is always on my mind is food and up until recently I was not eating very healthy. A meal to me was a McD's cheeseburger and mint ice cream for dessert. A large part of that was thanks to that annoying morning sickness. But now that I am feeling much better (with thanks to my doctor for a nausea prescription) I can finally focus on my healthy eating habits, which I so wanted to do from the very beginning of my pregnancy.

If your like me, some nights, the last thing you want to do after work is come home and sit in front of the oven cooking for 30-60 minutes. All I want is to eat and eat NOW! (then nap of course). So my number one healthy must have is Lean Cuisines! Especially this one, the Sesame Stir Fry with Chicken. It is so good and I'm usually not a fan of frozen meals. I can just pop this in the microwave though and I'm good to go :)

2. A Water Bottle.
It's hard for me to remember to drink the amount of water that my body needs each day, so carrying around a (cute) water bottle is a helpful reminder that I need to get that done!

3. Healthy On-The-Go Snacks
So this comes down to either me being a) lazy or b) pregnant and tired. I like to think it's the later. Anyway, already prepared, healthy snacks that I can just grab and go are a must have! My favorites include these Dole Sliced Strawberry Cups, Crunch Pak Sweet Apple Slices with Caramel Dip or really any of the Crunch Paks, and Granola (that I separate into baggies for a to-go snack).

4. A Good Workout Routine
When I first became pregnant, I was determined to continue working out but morning sickness got the best of me up until just recently. Now that I'm feeling a little better though, I have started up my workout routine again, where my focus is all on my booty and thighs. There are a ton of good pregnancy workout routines that can be found on YouTube :) I have complied a bunch of different routines and have kinda created my own that I love!

5. A Pregnancy App. 
My favorite is the BabyCenter app and the What To Expect When Your Expecting app. They just have good daily tips, health facts, etc. all about your stage of pregnancy all in the convenience of being on your phone!

My Summer Pregnancy Must Haves

1. Spandex (One Size Fits All) Shirts. 
I own so many of these since becoming pregnant because they are soooo comfy! They are one size fits all and stretch with your growing belly, so you can wear them throughout your pregnancy and after the baby is here! I have bought them at several places including, Bohme Boutique, DownEast Basics and other various boutiques.

2. A good a comfortable pair of maternity shorts. 
I bought mine at Motherhood Maternity . They are so comfy and good to have for pregnant mamas in the summer + my husband even said my butt looked cute in them :) That has to say something for these maternity shorts right?! ;)

3. A maxi skirt!
I love my maxi skirt and need to buy some more for summer. I bought mine at DownEast Basics and it has to be the most comfortable one I've ever tried on. The ones at DownEast are also long, for us tall girls :) And the fabric is perfect and so soft!

4. A TON of empire waist summer dresses. 
I own so many dresses it's kind of ridiculous. I love them during the summer! Especially when used with a cute belt to accentuate your growing belly. Wearing dresses is my favorite, I feel light and airy in them, and can move around easily without feeling restricted.

5. A good exfoliating scrub & loofah
Improves the look of your skin by removing dead skin cells and increases blood flow. I LOVE my Victoria Secret Wild at Heart 2-in-1 wash. The scent is really important, you will be using this everyday, so get something that you can handle. While being pregnant, overly fruity or sugary scents make me nauseous and this is the perfect scent! It is light and clean, without being overly powerful.

6. A Good Lotion! 
This is supper important. I put lotion on my belly anytime it starts to itch (from stretching) I massage it in and it helps relieve the itch and soothes my skin. I use Palmers Coco Butter. I also love Olay lotion.

7. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs or a Spray On Tan. 
While being pregnant I haven't been tanning and since it's been winter and we are getting into spring, a good spray tan can do wonders for your self esteem! Spray tans have come so far since years ago. No longer does it look like you're an oompa loompa (if done the right way). *When getting a spray tan done, make sure to exfoliate extremely well before hand and to shave :) I go to my local tanning salon and do the mystic tanning system.

If you're still a little worried about the outcome of a spray tan, try the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I'm obsessed with this stuff! It seriously makes your legs looks perfect!

8. A Good Powder Foundation. 
It obviously gets extremely hot during the summer and while being pregnant, I've become even hotter than usual and extremely sweaty! Gross, I know. A good powder foundation is great for summertime. It's so much lighter than liquid foundation and helps hide any oil that creates on your face. I LOVE Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation. 

Hair Extensions.

I've been using hair extensions for about 8 years now.
I started using them in high school, and fell in love!

I always get complimented on my hair at the most random places
and I always have to share with the girls who compliment me that 
it's not my actual hair! :) maybe I should stop, and just let them believe that is? 

My hair DOES NOT grow. It literally has been the length it is now since like Jr. High. 

So when I realized I could buy hair extensions at Sally Beauty, I about died!
I saved up all my money for my first pair of extensions and was in heaven! 

I started out with the kind you braid/sew in. 
I did them myself at home and they lasted about a month. 
I eventually learned how to do them better and they started lasting a 
little longer. 

Pretty soon, I got sick of always trying to keep up with the growth so 
I took them out and tried the glue in extensions. 

They RUINED my hair, literally. The so called shampoo that is supposed
to loosen the bond between the glue and your head, did not work at all. 
I was literally pulling out chunks of hair to get the dumb things out! 

I decided my hair needed a break and stopped wearing them when I was about 19-ish.

When I started dating Josh, I knew he loved long hair! 
I asked him what he thought about hair extensions (since my ex thought they were disgusting)
But Josh liked the idea. His mom does hair and so he knows all about them and thought they
were pretty cool :)

Well I decided to give the extension world another try. 
This time I got the clip in extensions and Sally Beauty. They cost me about $80
But I loved them! I thought it was amazing to be able to clip-in/out your hair. 

I remember trying to sleep being a total B when I had the sew in kind, 
so to be able to take these out at night?! SCORE!

Eventually I started searching and looking for better brands and better quality hair. 

I tried several different kind but happened to stumble upon LUXY hair extensions and I feel in love!
**This is not a sponsored post**
I just seriously love them. They are the highest quality human remy hair that I've found.
They don't tangle, the hair is thick and soft and just awesome! 
++ the price is pretty amazing.

They last me about a year, sometimes longer, depending on the wear. 
And the 20" length is perfect!!!

100% human remy hair, means that you can curl, straighten and 
even color the hair without it being ruined. 

I buy the lightest blonde and then have them dyed to match my hair.

Anyway, I love extensions, they are my absolute favorite invention ever ;)

Watch the video below to see how I clip mine in and how I style them!!!

Spring Break Vacation Video

First things first, I have a new domain.

Okay.... now,
I have finally been able to edit all the fun videos I captured while on vacation.

I wish I would've taken more videos, but I got some fun stuff
and living in the moment is usually more fun than trying to capture it :)

Can I just say I love my family.
I seriously feel like I married into the most amazing family!

I always look forward to going on vacation with them because it
is always so much fun and all we do is laugh and play the whole time :)

Seriously the coolest family ever! Enjoy!

For more vacation videos and vids of the hubby and I, check out my silly YouTube channel 

Spring Break 2013

Every year, my mother in law takes all the kids for
a spring break getaway to Mesquite from the Utah cold!

We always have so much fun gambling, golfing and playing in the pool :)

This year, Josh and I drove down early and stayed at The Mirage
in Vegas for a night. We got a late start the day we left so by the
time we got there, we wanted to get some dinner and walk around the strip.

I'm obsessed with Vegas. I'm dying over the fact that we didn't move down there.
Vegas to me is like Disneyland to kids. I'm obsessed and I don't even know why.
I don't drink, but I just love it down there!!!

I'm working on a little video montage of the fun things we did :)
But for now here's some pictures!
I hate not being able to get pictures of both Josh and I and Josh hates
pictures by himself, so here's what we captured due to that...

Oh and I'm 18 weeks and a couple days :)
We were thinking about going back in May for our birthdays but I don't know if
I'll feel up to it at 27 weeks ;)

Heading the the pool :)

Baby bump! 
Yep, I rocked a bikini you guys!!! :)

The husband looking handsome as ever :)

At the Venetian. I'm obsessed with it in there and their yummy Gelato! 

I'm not sure why I look so terrified!? 

The pretty pink flower tree!!! 

Getting ready for breakfast at the Sugar Factory!

Walking around the strip in the AM. 

Filling up on some OJ, before going to the Bodies Exhibit! 

I sneaked some pics of the husband ;) 

And just a few more baby bump shots, because I kind of love it :)

While we were in Vegas, Josh surprised me with tickets to the Bodies exhibit.
I'm obsessed with learning about the human body.
Everything about it fascinates me so I couldn't wait to get inside!

I wish they would have let us take pictures, but being in there was pretty awesome
and pretty gross too. It made my stomach turn a little, but still interesting!

Vacation video to come soon!!! < 3

baby swag

I stumbled upon the cutest baby clothing lines today!

I was browsing Amazon and came across these 2 great companies!

The first is L'oved Baby.
I fell in love with the soft colors and all the reviews say the material is uber soft!

The second is Baby Soy.
The prints and graphics are ADORABLE!
And again,. the reviews said the material is super soft!

The Janey Baby Collection is my favorite!
It features drawings of endangered species and the proceeds
from the sales go towards the Jane Goodall Institute!

Here are just a few things I bought from both collections for baby boy on the way!
I cannot wait to get them!!!

little bambino.

I seriously can't wait to start on baby boys nursery!

There are so many things I want to do, that it's a bit
overwhelming and don't know what to start buying first!

Here is our sweet little boys color scheme though for the nursery :)

We're thinking a white crib, white dresser and then "dipping" the 
legs in gold paint for a pop of gold in the room :)

And I am for sure ordering one of these adorable tassel garlands!
Only in the beautiful colors of navy blue, mint green, grey, white and gold mylar :) 
But love this one because of the varying lengths! So perfect!

And of course baby boys room will have to have this ceramic deer head in there :)

Eee! I can't wait! Husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting to start decorating 
already but I can't help it! There are so many cute things out there right now!

well hello, hello.

What we've been up to!!

I've been quite a busy body this past week,
ever since finding out we're having a baby boy!

I had my 17 week doctor appointment yesterday
and I swear, hearing little boys heartbeat is incredible!
I just laid there while the doctor was talking to my husband
about having a little boy and just listening away to the little thumps
of his little heart. It was so amazing and is every time I hear it!

I've been dying over Baby Gaps baby boy clothes and 
the cute cute cute Peter Rabbit line that is on sale now!

I LOVED Peter Rabbit growing up! It was my absolute favorite! 

So of course I had to get these cute little things for him :)
Seriously, how cute are those jeans!? And they are lined with the softest fabric ever!

I went shopping with my mom last weekend to buy some maternity clothes,
because using a rubberband around my jeans, is just not cutting it anymore!

Can I just say that gap maternity jeans are pretty amazing, they really are so comfy
and don't look too bad :) 

Anyway, my mom bought me this adorable baby book while we were out and about! 
I've already filled out a few pages. 
The graphics are to die for and there are questions like 
"When your parents met we...", "why we felt we needed you in our life..."
and then has places to record new moments with baby, questions and places
to fill in about the nursery, about the delivery, baby's first haircut, etc. 

It's seriously too cute!

My husband has been studying his bum off for all his tests coming up!
He's starting up his internship again next week as a field engineer which he can't wait for!

He loves what he does but I think he's a little over school ;)

I've also been busy sewing for the little one. 
I found this super cute navy and cream striped knit fabric and decided I had to make
a carseat cover with it!!! I'm still working on it, but am loving the tan leather straps
paired with the nautical navy blue :)

(I also bought some extra to make a blanket because it's so cute and soft!)

We haven't started on the nursery yet, but will be very soon!
I have already made a giant list of to-dos and to-buys :)

But for now, some of his stuff is just laid out on the floor of his nursery,
which makes me smile every time I walk buy :)

That's what we've been up to so far! 

I'm still nauseous, although the prescriptions works wonders when I take them!
Yesterday though, I didn't take one because I felt fine, but as soon as Josh 
and I stepped into a restaurant, I threw up all over the place. I was so embarrassed
and apologized a thousand times while my husband cleaned it up. 

The poor employees just gave me the saddest looks haha. 
Oh pregnancy.