Morning Sickness Cures

Today I am 13 weeks and 4 days!
Yay! As much as it is exciting, I've still been sick :(

Last week I couldn't even keep down water,
I threw up everything and lost 5 lbs. within 2 days!

I called my doctor panicking, thinking I was supposed
to be getting better not worse and this is the advice he gave me...
And I'm definitely willing to try anything to make this morning sickness subside.

He said more than likely I was either not sleeping, which wasn't the
case because I sleep like 12 hours a night! Or he said that I was just
stressing myself out! He told me the main cause of pregnancy nausea is
stress or fatigue! How weird, right? But I totally think it's true!
I've been stressing a lot! Becoming a new mom is something that has
totally been freaking me out!!!

Anyway, here is how I have relived some of the stress and nausea...

Fresh Air
He told me to just get some fresh air and try to relax, so my cute husband
took me for a long drive around the farmlands in the city next to us!

There is nothing that I love more than going on long drives with Josh and having
good conversations AND I love farms animals! Particularly goats, donkeys and cows :)

So driving around with the windows down, listening to some sweet jams, talking
about everything and seeing funny animals made me so happy and feel a little better.

Once we got home I put on some mediation music on Pandora and did some
pregnancy yoga and mediated for just a little bit. But focusing on my breathing
really did help. It took the focus off my nausea and helped me focus on something else.

Also, I have started listening to the Ambient station on Pandora while I fall asleep.
It really helps put my mind at ease and relax which helps me sleep so much better!

Another thing that has helped soooo much is spearmint gum! It has been a lifesavor!
My husband actually gave me some the other night and I've already gone through a whole pack.
I don't know why but for some reason it really helps calm the nauseous feeling. When I went
to my 13 week doctor appointment, my doctor actually said that mint is a great cure for nausea!

So that's what has helped me the most!
I'm hoping as I get further into the second trimester that I'll get feeling better.
I've already started feeling cuter and have been more inclined to get ready,
which I'm sure Josh is loving :)

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Britney O'Connor said...

I have been sick the entire time during both of my pregnancies. I seriously think thinner girls stay sicker- for some odd reason. My sister is married to Steve Carter btw- so I'm not a completely random stalker. :)