our little dude.

We went to a fetal studio today to find out little baby's gender 
and we are having a BOY!

We totally thought it was a girl, but boy were we wrong!!!

Meet our handsome little guy :)

I can't wait to start shopping and get the nursery together!!!


M. said...

Just found out this morning that we're also having a boy. I'm so bummed -- was totally hoping for a girl! Oh well, guess I'll have to get over it. :) Congrats! And happy shopping. ;)

Katie Jo said...

Congrats!! All of the boys in these pics are perfection! I have felt like I'm having a boy since day 1. But we won't find out until late April likely...happy shopping!!

Jaimie said...

YAY!!! I love me a new nephew!! Jett was thrilled that its a boy, so thrilled. Congrats!! I just want to make a note about your mama in bikini post. First of all you should be used to people starring at you because you're gorgeous and I know you get starred at :) and second, if anyone stares at you in a rude way its because they are jealous! And the other stares are because of your beauty! So you rock that bikini girl. :)
Yay. So excited for another nephew! :)

Tiffany Torgusson said...

I was so excited to find out what you were having since you are a little ahead of me and I was living vicariously through your excitement! I have at least 4 more weeks until I can find out. I am sooo hoping for a boy!!

Emerson Grey Designs said...

Congratulations!!! I loved having a boy first time around! They are way more fun to dress then most people think. Cant wait to see the nursery progress