Mamas in Bikinis

So I'll admit it, I was the girl where, when I saw a pregnant
lady at the pool in a bikini, I would think, WHY?!
Cover that bump up!
I just always thought it looked... odd.
Maybe because I've never been around pregnant ladies before
so seeing pregnant women was always such a strange thing to me.

I know I'm such a weirdo!

But now that I'm pregnant I have a totally new respect
for mothers and I'm very happy of my newly prego body.

Okay, maybe happy isn't the right word, I'm more proud of it
than happy. This past weekend Josh and I went to Victoria's Secret
and I just HAD to try on the bikinis, which was not a good idea!

I sat there in a super cute crochet Tiffany blue bikini in the dressing
room with Josh and was in complete shock.
Is this really my body now??
What happened to my tiny waist and small boobies?
Now I had a box like torso with overflowing boobs!
And my hips! Where did those come from??

My eyes filled with tears as I sat and just stared at myself.
I do love my bump though, It's actually really cute :)
But the other stuff, I'd be happy if they went away and never came back!

Oh well, maybe a couple spray tans will just make everything
just look better? Haha!

Okay anywayyyy... let me get to the real thing that I want to know.

Whether or not I hate my body right now, here's the thing, I'm gonna be
like uber-pregnant this summer and I know I'm gonna go swimming like
all the time and I want to get other peoples opinions on pregnant mamas in bikinis.

Should I cover it up with a tankini or let it out with a bikini??

I'm dying over the cutest, fringy-est bikinis
and totally want to rock one this summer, big boobs and all
but totally don't want to offend anyone :)

So what do you think!?


Whitney M. said...

I think that pregnant women in bikini is still a pretty new concept (at least where I am from). So as much as I admire women who do, it does make me a little uncomfortable. My in-laws are not the type that would imbrace a pregnant belly hanging out, so I would never have the guts to wear one at a family function. However, I do have dreams of a babymoon complete with me in a bikini on the beach somewhere (when the time comes of course).

In summary I think it is acceptable, but if where you live is anywhere like mine don't be suprised if you get a few stares.

Emerson Grey Designs said...

I always wore a bikini! My son was due the end of June and my daughter end of September (that was torture). Everyone I've ever been around prego has always done the same. I'm from Orange County California so we're always at the beach. And trust me your body is at the "not soo pregnant stage" it gets better as the belly gets harder and things get "used" to being pregnant. :) You're adorable... you'll look great this summer!

Katie Boettcher said...

Hey there, I came across your blog on pinterest and I have been following you because your due date is close to mine! We are due August 16. I love hearing your journey and comparing to mine...

In regards to the bikini during pregnancy post-I absolutely love seeing a woman rock her bump in a bikini! I am excited for summertime to be pregnant, and I fully intend to make good use out of the bikini's I have. We do alot of boating in the summer, and I have every intention of being on that boat up until the last day of my pregnancy with my family:) Don't be ashamed, you are a pretty girl and I am sure your bump this summer will be adorable and perfect for a cute bikini!

If you want to follow my blog too here is the link

Miranda Tasker said...

You are a hot mama! Rock it! I know I will be huge this summer (Due Aug 24), but who cares! I plan to rock the Bikini for sure!

Katie Jo said...

New reader here!! I say rock it out!! I don't have the type of body to wear bikinis, even when not pregnant, or else I so would!!! I think mamas in bikinis are adorable!!

KBroome said...

I am a couple of weeks behind you in my pregnancy and I plan to wear bikinis this summer. I have never been comfortable in a tankini, so I can't imagine that I will suddenly enjoy them this summer. I think preggos are adorable in bikins. I pretty much think everyone loves a pregnant person as it is:) You are adorable and I enjoy hearing your pregnancy milestones on your blog!