Little One.

This is just a simple post on my thoughts of being pregnant :)

I think I've done this before but I have brand new thoughts
from the past couple days.

I've been having feelings of overwhelming joy lately.

After finding out we're expecting a little boy, I was a bit shocked,
mainly thoughts of changing a boys diaper, dealing with trucks and cars,
instead of princesses and dolls is something completely new to me!
I've never been around little boys and have really no idea what to expect.
I grew up with all girls, a sister, girl cousins, etc.

On the other hand though, I have an amazing husband who is thrilled
to have a baby boy and I know will help in every aspect of parenting
and helping me out :) So we are very excited! I get to have a little mamas
boy, whom I'm hoping will absolutely adore me, as I him :)

Every time I look at the ultrasound pictures of his little profile and
his hands I get so overwhelmed and start to tear up. Never in a million
years did I think I'd be here. Getting pregnant and finally deciding that
having a baby was what I wanted was somewhat hard for me to admit
to myself. I always told myself I'd never have kids, that I'd travel and do
other things, but never be a mom.

I feel so extremely happy at this moment. I feel like becoming a
mommy is exactly what I am supposed to do in life. Seeing him on the ultrasound,
was just so perfect! As soon as I saw him move, open his little mouth, I just
knew at the moment, I need more than just 1!!! And for a very brief, very split
second, I kinda wished there was more than just one baby in my belly! :)
But for just a very very brief moment.

Seeing him though, knowing we created this little miracle, just made everything
better and this little life in my belly is just so perfect and I could not be more thrilled!

I'm definitely still completely nervous, but I feel like as soon as I hold him
in my arms, everything will just come naturally and it will be meant to be :)

Those are my thoughts for now.
I'm just enjoying knowing that I get to meet this little dude in 5 more months!!!

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Anonymous said...

I've never gotten to witness a person go through pregnancy (good news coming from a 19 year old, probably!) but I've been following your blog for well over a year and witnessing your pregnancy through your blog now, it makes me really excited! Like, this post just turned me into mush. I don't want to change the direction of this post or my comment, but I'm "infertile" as of now, and your thoughts just resonate with every ounce of maternal matter in me, and motivates me to go through ED recovery. Congrats, girl! Enjoy this time in your life!!