Oh Baby...

Today I am 15 weeks and no chalkboard picture from last week
because I've basically been miserable!

I thought for sure that I'd be on cloud nine by now, but no...
I'm still forcing myself to keep down food and some days
I give up completely and throw up almost every half hour.
I really am trying to stay away from medications, mainly
because of the side effects my doctor has told me about.

But if this doesn't stop by week 16, I think I'm going to
have to come to the realization that medication is the only answer left.

It's pretty much the worst BUT something happened last night
that made me remember why I'm going through all this....

I felt our little tiny itty bitty nugget baby move!
Well it was more of this ballet like, beautiful flutter against my belly
but it was amazing, I want to feel it every minute of the day!

It was perfect and I was completely elated!

Saturday was a pretty good day, Josh and I went with my mom to
The Leonardo museum to see the Mummies of the World exhibit,
which was pretty amazing. I'm obsessed with stuff like that so I was
so happy to be there!

That's all for now!
I'm just hoping I feel better soon!
We almost get to find out baby's gender and there's gonna be
a lot of shopping going on that I need to feel good for ;)

Also there's only 3 weeks left until vacation with my family!
Which I really hope to be feeling better for, it will be a much needed vacation
and I have a feeling I'm going to be living in the pool :)


Everydaybeginnings said...

beautiful photos!

Mandy said...

Hope you feel better soon! You still look as beautiful as ever :)

Katie Jo said...

You look SO good!! I'm on week 11...and I've been feeling miserable and it totally shows! I look awful!!!