THE one.

Josh and I went to check out Gracos newest stroller model.

The Modes Click Connect stroller and it is amazing!

And I have the sweetest mother who is going to buy it for us
as our baby present gift next week and I can't wait to get it home!!!

So why is this stroller so great?
This is like the stroller I've been waiting for because
1. It is all black, which is something I really wanted. I just think black is so classic.
2. It can go from infant carrier to bassinet to toddler seat.
3. It has a HUGE canopy/sunshade
3. It has a ginormous basket, it seriously can hold tons and tons of stuff
    and is so easily accessible!
4. It has a tray + 2 cup holders for momma and toddler.
5. Every seat adjusts to either face the front or face me,
    which was really important to me :)

Okay so I was looking into getting the Mamas and Papas Luna stroller
but it's more expensive and doesn't have half the stuff the Graco one has!

I'm soooo happy I waited because at first I was convinced the
Mamas and Papas stroller was the one I needed. But my mom was
the one who told me that I would want to have a cup holder, a large
basket, a toddler tray and so on. I think she is so right and can't wait
to get this stroller! It doesn't have any reviews yet, since it's
pretty new so I hope it's as amazing as it seemed when I tested it out :)

Am I crazy for buying a stroller so soon!?
And any opinions on Graco before we buy it?


Tiffany Torgusson said...

This stroller looks awesome! I am just 5-6 weeks pregnant myself and already super excited about buying all the cool new stuff!! I don't think it's too soon, especially since it is gender neutral! Just have fun and enjoy your pregnancy :)

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I'll have to check this out! I'm 22 weeks pregnant and on the hunt for the perfect stroller:)