The Amazing Years.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.
The mother never existed before. 
The women existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new.

Josh and I have been married a little over
3 years! And honestly they have been the most
amazing 3 years of my life. I adore my husband!
More than adore, I'm obsessed with him!

And after 3, almost 3 1/2 years... As you may have already seen...
My eggo is totally prego.
My husband knocked me up!
And I am totally terrified!

I was all about getting pregnant and having a baby just last month,
well I'm sure you all remember. But then just a few weeks ago
I put my foot down and said nope, not ready. Let's wait 1 more year.
We made plans to go to the Caribbean in the spring and do a few
more things together just the two of us before we started a family.

Butttttt it turns out, God had other plans, that didn't involve me being
on a beautiful cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean, sipping
on pina coladas with my husbands abs ;) so here we are.
With this little nug in my belly and here is how it all started :)

While Josh and I were at Walmart,
we walked past the pregnancy tests and I said,
"Hey! I need one these, you know, just to see?"
I honestly thought it was a waste of money,
I didn't feel pregnant or different or anything really,
just about 5 days late. But I'm always late.

Well that night, we get home and I start to run a bath
so that I can do some major damage on Fifty Shades
Freed when I had a to pee and I had a test to take!!

Well I take it, not thinking much about it.
I just wanted the reassurance that I wasn't.

I quickly glance over at that white stick and do a double take.
It was like slow motion after that as the little pink + sign slowly
appeared on the little white screen. I glared at it closer.

No f#%*•ng way! Is this a dud, I look closer.
S#%t, that's a + sign, a dark plus sign!
(i swear a lot in my head sometimes)

Hmm do I run in and tell Josh, maybe I should wait until finals are over?
I was so scared he was going to be mad because we had just decided to wait!
I was seriously so confused I just started crying, laughing and then cried some more.
Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions!

And that's when Josh appeared in the bathroom.
I see his reflection in the mirror, whip around and clasp my hand over my mouth.
I honestly was speechless. I had no words for him.

"You're pregnant?" he said smiling! He was smiling and I'm over here crying.
I just could nod my head and my sweet husband grabbed me in his arms, planted
kisses on my forehead and laughed and wanted to know why I was crying :)

It made me laugh at how dumb I was reacting and how I thought he would be mad.
My husband is never mad, especially never at me. But I was scared.
I can't be pregnant, I have no maternal instincts, I'm still like a child myself.
I pout, whine, giggle at stupid things and like to be the center of my
husbands world and now I'm going to be taking care of something that will
become the center of our world. It just all became so clear and fuzzy at the same time.

After I calmed down a bit, Josh carried me out to the couch in the
family room, laid me down, pulled up my shirt just past my belly
and planted kisses on my tummy, then laid his head there and said
he couldn't wait to hear the heartbeat. I cried some more, seeing
how happy my husband was.

He is so amazing and strong and sees things so clearly.
He is an inspiration!

Anyway, here we are a little over 8 weeks pregnant!
We're going to be parents!
And I would be lying if I said I'm not going to miss the
me and Josh, the couple, the two of us, married life.
Because of course I'll miss it!
But we seriously can't wait for this little nugget to arrive!

And it's so cute seeing Josh so excited!
He is seriously such an amazingly strong and such a beautiful husband to me
and I know that he will be the most amazing and beautiful father.
I feel so blessed to have him by my side + getting back rubs every hour
isn't too bad either :)

Anyway there's the news!
Our Merry Christmas!

We also had a blast telling our parents and coming up
with some cute ideas on how to share the big news!

We orderd some cute "I love grandma" books from amazon
and also did some custom M&M's in red, white and green
with the sayings "Merry Christmas!", "We're Pregnant!" and "Baby On The Way!"

We attached the bags of m&m's to the books and hand delivered them,
to tell them the great news, it was so fun to see their reactions!!!

It became real for me at that moment.
I felt so loved and blessed and it made it that much more exciting!


MrsH said...

Ohhh my gosh :) this was very VERY cute! congratulations my dear!!! I'm sure you will be a wonderful mother!!!

MrsH said...

UM UM UM! Can I just sayyyy my husband is doing his final year of Civil Engineering this year at University and I'm studying Early Childhood! We're planning to try to have a baby this year :) WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!!!! I can't believe I stumbled across your blog....I hope this isn't weird!!! :O blogging....destiny??? lol my website is still getting it up and going though!! ^^

Jaimie said...

That's a fun story!! I am so excited for you guys, you will be great parents. Thanks for making me an aunt again ;). Can't wait to meet this little baby, my kids are excited too!! Last night they were fighting over the gender, then Jett said, "Jaiden you don't get to choose, Jesus does." lol, guess that is true!

Amber Miller said...

Congratulations!! That's so exciting :) I loved reading about both of your reactions! My daughter is 4 years old, but I remember the day I took my test like it was yesterday :)

// said...

MrsH - That's crazy! It's been so hard with my husband being in school! We never see each other! I can't wait for him to graduate :) That's awesome though, I'm going to check out your blog :)

Jaim - That is serisously the cutest thing I've ever heard! haha I hope I'm as good of a mom as you!!

Amber - thank you! It was sooo crazy taking the test! I was shocked haha