Summer Pregnancy.

I'm soo happy I get to be super pregnant during the summer!

Summer is my absolute favorite season ever.
If I could, I'd live in Arizona and just bake in the sun all day :)

Plus summer is just a happy season!
Winter has always made me somewhat depressed and blue-ish.
So being pregnant and having a summer baby is going to be awesome!

From what I've heard, being pregnant, means being hot! Like really hot!
Which kind of worries me because I'll probably be getting pretty big and pretty hot
during June, July & August. But I've always been one that needs it
to be about 90-95 degrees outside for me to be just right. Anything below 85
degrees and I usually will want to wear a light sweater.

I'm hoping I'll stay the same so I'll be comfortable during my
7,8 & 9 months in June, July & August :)

And I really can't wait to try and come up with some fun summer
style for my ever growing bump :) That might be a challenge but
hopefully a fun one! I'm thinking bright pinks, aquas, whites and
other fun, bright colors, hi & low skirts, colored skinnies, and lots
of other fun summer things :)

Bring on my summer belly! I'm ready!


Madeline said...

Those are so cute! I love that pink maxi. (:

Amber Miller said...

When is your due date? My daughter was born August 2008 and I remember that last month being the hottest ever! Ha ha Of course we didn't have A/C in the car! lol

Lauren said...

I just stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest and I am due in the middle of September, so not too far behind you! I love the summer pregnancy thing. It's going to be fun! (and HOT!)

Anonymous said...

My last 2 pregnancies were summer ones! Not fun! I love summer and was miserable! Good luck to you! Stay in the pool or the ac!