Sometimes This Sucks.

I seriously don't feel like a normal person
and haven't for the past 2 weeks.

I feel bad for complaining because I feel so blessed
that I'm pregnant and can't wait for this babe to get here,
but my gosh. Sometimes this really sucks.

Although I wouldn't consider my morning sickness
to be extreme. My sister had extreme, whole 9 month,
puking everyday morning sickness. And I definitley don't
have that, but I've thrown up a few times and seriously
am nauseous from sunrise to sunset.

When I'm not limping around at work, I'm curled up on
the couch with a thousand blankets and pillows propped everywhere.
My poor husband. I'm constantly telling him how sorry I am
for not getting ready, for not wanting to do anything and so on.
I just don't feel like a normal person!

I also have absolutely no appetite. I got my appetite back for about
a day or two, and now, gone! I can barely swallow a few crackers.
I'm just not hungry, but man, my stomach is yelling at me for food about every hour!
When I finally eat, I just want a couple bites and then I feel
completely fool! What in the world is this!? This isn't me, I'm the one
that can usually out eat my husband and now this? I was not expecting
pregnancy to be like this. I was expecting it to be rainbows and butterflies.
I thought I'd be on cloud 9 for the whole 9 months! Haha I'm such a sucker.

My nausea gets really bad right before bed which sucks!

So I have found a little solution to this nausea which doesn't
stop it completely, but dulls the nagging feeling for long enough
that I can try to sleep.

It's called Acupressure.

Here is a quick video of one of the acupressure points to relieve nausea.

There are also the bands in which she demonstrates
and I found some cute ones at Walgreens!

And! There is also an app that has a ton of different acupressure points
to help with all aspects on pregnancy.
The app is called Preg Comp (Pregnancy Companion) and it is
under the wellness button. Oh and it also has pregnancy yoga poses too!
It's a pretty helpful little app :)

And one more thing! One of the ladies I work with gave me these chips last night
to help with my nausea and they are seriously AMAZING!
They are made with all natural ingredients like Flax, Sunflower Seeds, Quinoa and Brown Rice!
They seriously taste great and are super healthy and gluten free!
I think you can get them at Walmart and Costco!


Maggie Diamond said...

Stumbled upon your blog. Super cute. :) I am just a couple of weeks ahead of you and I promise the second you hit 12 weeks its like you wake up a new person. Good luck to you with everything!

Tiffany said...

I am just a couple of weeks behind you and I could not agree more about every smell setting you off! It is just the worst! I scrub every counter top, every nook and cranny in the kitchen and bathroom, spray febreeze nonstop, but I just cannot escape the nausea-inducing smells. They are everywhere! Good luck!!

Shelby said...

I found your blog on pinterest and could not resist reading and looking through the lovely pictures. I am the same weeks pregnant as you are, and am so glad to find a blogger that is feeling just as crummy as I am. Sick, sick, sick, all the time sick! Hoping, for both you and I that we get relief soon!