Prego Symptoms: week 5-9

This post is mainly for me to remember how I felt 
during this first trimester. 
Kind of like a journal entry I guess :)

So I found out we were pregnant in week 5 and the only symptom
I had after that was über sore boobs! Like really sore!

It hurt to sleep, it hurt to put on a bra, take off a bra, it hurt when I
would accidentally bump them, it hurt when Josh would forget they
hurt and would grab them throughout the day (tmi?) well this is real life
and they seriously really hurt!

When week 6 came along they didn't hurt so much anymore and I really
didn't have any other symptom that indicated I was pregnant other than
the no period thing.

And then week 7 happened.

And it was fine until about halfway through when the nausea kicked in and
it stayed with me morning til night. This was the worst! And again my boobs
became ultra sensitive and sore, even more so than the first week!

I was so hopeful I wouldn't get morning sickness, but I do remember wishing
for an indicator that I was indeed pregnant. So be careful what you wish for :(

In week 8, I got the flu and found out from my doctor that I have a tipped uterus
which was why I honestly had the worst lower back pain of my life. Josh
literally gave me back massages every hour, it was horrible.
I couldn't sit for too long, stand for too long or really do anything. I was miserable
that whole week. After I got over the flu, I had even worse morning sickness than
week 7 and here we are in week 9 and it hasn't really let up too much.

The one symptom however, that has been with me since the beginning of this
pregnancy has been my through the roof libido! Crazy right? I honestly felt like
a 15 year old boy! Sex was and sort of still is the one and only thing on my mind.
I wanted it every second of the day and I was starting to drive my husband nuts!!
I was driving myself nuts! I couldn't have a conversation with him that didn't get
turned into sex somehow. Everything I said had a sexual inuendo or pun! It was ridiculous!
During week 7 when the nausea kicked in, is when the sex kinda took a back seat,
but would still poke its head up every once in a while to remind me it was still there.
It's seriously ridiculous :/ Once I got the flu though, it was out. which I was very happy about :)

I also have been breaking out like I've been working at pizza hut and shoving my
face in greasy pizza. Every damn day I wake up with a new zit. There is an entire
colony on my right cheek! Seriously? Will this ever stop :( I've never had bad skin in
my life and I will never take my zit free skin (if I ever get it back) for granted again, because
this is seriously the worst. I'm praying it won't leave scars.

So far these are my pregnancy symptoms. They all suck and I already hate being pregnant and
I'm hoping that I will start feeling better once I hit 12 weeks, but I'm told it will all be worth it at
the end of these 9 months :) Yay for baby Jensen. August come soon!!!

And if anyone has any advice for morning sickness or yummy foods that you liked
(since most things taste or sound awful) I would love the tips or tricks :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the baby:)
I got so sick when I was pregnant with my baby girl. From the biggining to the end.....:( The doctor told me to eat crackers and have them in my purse. He always told me not to let my body get to hungry.
BTW I love your blog.
About the sex thing its funny because I could not even think about it:)

Jaimie said...

This makes me think it's a girl!! I wasn't sick at all with Jett & was sick with Jaiden!! I remember even just thinking of chicken or hearing the word chicken I would throw up. Still don't eat chicken to this day.
Have you tried ginger pops from good earth? Or ginger oil? you will be amazed when your second trimester hits, at least for me, I had way more energy and didn't feel sick &was hungry again! It was great :) so hang in there girl! You can also take onadestron, it's a prescription anti-nausea med. it works wonders!! But makes you tired. Your doc should be able to just call it in for you if you ask him ;)

The Jensen's said...

The only way I knew I was prego with jake was my boobs hurt.. and i was 8 weeks, dumb girl. I was convinced Austin was a girl cause I was so sick the entire pregnancy, they were so different. I got acne way bad too. I got pro active and it helps alot. i would never put that on my skin now cause its so harsh but while I was pregnant it helped.