I seriously can't stop thinking about little babes nursery!

I am so excited to finally be able to start on it.
The only thing I can really buy at this point is
books and some little toys.

{{ My must have books for the little one are,
1.The Giving Tree
2. Goodnight Moon
3. I'll Love You Forever
4. Corduroy (this was one of my absolute favorites growing up)
5. The Tale of Peter Rabbit
6. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
7. Are You My Mother?
These are books that I adored as a child and so I have to get them for mine! }}

But come mid-February things are gonna get real :)

I called the fetal studio and they told me I only have
to be 14 weeks to find out the gender of this babe
with their 3-D high tech stuff... which means we can
find out on Valentines day! But we are going to wait
until week 15 so we can be absolutely sure that they
can see everything perfectly :)

I'm so so so excited!!! For whatever this little nugget turns out to be :)

Josh still thinks it's a girl and according the the Chinese
gender calender, he's right!

Only 4-ish more weeks!
And then we really have to start thinking about a name :)

I've already started dreaming up nursery themes, colors, etc.
Trying to decide if I should stick with the classics or do more
modern items, with clean lines, whites and pops of color.

Yay for baby!


Emerson Grey Designs said...

Yay for baby is right!! Happy, healthy baby and mommy! Finding out the gender is the added bonus. So far your pins are looking super cute... Let me know if you need any added help :)

// said...

Thank you so mcuh!! I just might need a little help :)