Graco Stroller Review

So here is my review for the new stroller I got!

Don't mind me and the fact that I need to get my hair done asap!
I'm still a bit nauseated :(
But enjoy!!!

A quick side note that I did not mention in the video.
You do not need any kind of car seat adapter for any of the seats!
Everything clicks right into place on the actual stroller frame or toddler seat!

A HUGE plus :)


Jaimie said...

You are too cute!! That is a nice stroller!!

Em_J said...

That's a great stroller - my friend just bought it for her little one and loves it!

Jessica Hair said...

What model is this?

// said...

The graco modes click connect :)

Nicole Westhoff said...

You should do more reviews and tutorials! I love your youtube channel!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the review!! have you checked out the Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System Stroller - Antiquity? it comes with an attachable car seat that matches the stroller just like what you were looking for. search it on youtube and its fabulous!

Chelsee :) said...

does it have to have a certain car seat? or will any graco car seat fit?
I love this stroller and have looked at others that are twice as expensive so thank you for sharing this! I am just a couple weeks behind you in my pregnancy!

Tony B said...

Just discovered this stroller reviews and it looks amazing!