baby love.

As time goes on I'm getting more and more excited
for this little baby!!!

I'm more excited on the days where the morning
sickness is calmed and then on the days where
morning sickness is super intense I just want to die
and don't even want to think about nurseries or
anything related to babies.

Today and yesterday have been pretty good though
and I've been really excited! I can't wait to start the
nursery and start painting and to finally find out what were having!!

We're thinking about doing an early 3D/4D
sonogram to find out the gender a few weeks
earlier than normal because I honestly can't wait!!!
Josh is convinced its a girl :)

I've also been reviewing more strollers and am hoping I feel
well enough tomorrow to go out with
Josh and check out Gracos newest model
which seriously looks amazing!

Ohh this is all so fun and pretty over whelming!
And even though I'm not due until August,
I can't stop thinking about the baby shower :) I love a good party
and can't wait to help my sister plan the summer shower :)
My mom mentioned having a sip n' see which I think would be so
fun but don't know with all the germs and what not.
Has anyone had one or gone to one? Thoughts?

So many exciting things are dancing in my head and we are
already soo anxious to meet our little babe :) :) :)

The morning sickness is still lurking around and my emotions are crazy!
I cry everytime I see any kind of baby commercial or anything to do
with babies on tv. It's so funny... I always try to hide it from Josh
because I feel so dumb but then I really start sniffling and we both start laughing :)
Like tonight, a subaru commercial about a dog and a baby totally got me.

Oh pregnancy! I don't ever want to forget any of this :) It's kind of a lot of fun :)

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