Finals Week & Christmas Time

So it's finals week for the husband which means
that he has been studying day in and day out!

Gah! I cannot wait for tomorrow night when we
can both relax and spend some time with each other :)

He has one more test in Calculus 2. Cross your fingers for him!

He is sooo excited this semester to be over and so am I, it's been a tough one!

My sister will be here on the 18th just in time for Christmas!
& I am so excited to see her and my niece!
It's going to be the best 3 weeks ever :)

Josh and I haven't done anything Christmasy yet,
We haven't even made hot cocoa! :( mainly because school
has sucked up all his free time but come next week we are
going to get christmasy all up in here :)

This will be our first Christmas in our new home and we are so excited!
I've been searching all over pinterest for a killer Christmas morning breakfast,
if you know of a yummy one let me know!

Oh I do have to say that Josh took out about 8 or so hours of
his study time to watch The Lord Of The Rings trilogy with me because
I've never seen them! & we're going to the midnight showing of The Hobbit.

So I mean... I had to watch them and I was dreading it... but I absolutely loved them!
I was shocked at how much I actually liked them :)
If you haven't seen them, you should... they were pretty great :)

Anyway, that's all for now!
Good day.

Oh ya, I also dropped my phone on a concrete parking lot
the other day and completely shattered my screen,
but luckily it still works! Whaa!? I know I was shocked too!
So now I have to keep my phone in a plastic bag to use it
so I don't get glass shards in my fingers until my replacement comes.

I'm the worst with phones, literally this is the 4th iPhone I've
gone through in the past 2 years!!! I should not be allowed to be
around technology :(

A Little Love Nugget

Love nuggets are the best!

.& pretty soon we will get to meet our little love nugget.