our week so far.

Ohh I can't wait for Christmas! 

Everyday we get closer to the 25, I get more excited and giddy.

For the first time I feel I did a really good job at shopping for Josh!

I got him the usual, clothes, belts, boxers, etc. 
But I had to get him something fun and something 
I knew he would love! 

I decided on a snowboarding pass, sushi gift cards 
(he's going to die, him and his sushi house obsession) 
and the coolest Leonardo Da Vinci Engineering kit. 

I figured he'd be bored while out of school ;)
So I thought maybe he'd want to build things and this kit is
one of Da Vincis inventions.
I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome :)

I've done almost all my shopping online this year, which
has been great! Every store I've checked out online has had 
some great deals + free shipping + money off certain amounts, etc. 

{Waiting for the stuff to arrive though, is not very fun}

Josh took this last Sunday night at like 10 pm.
I was on the hunt for some Cyber Monday sales :)

It was intense. 

Yesterday Josh woke up at 10 am with me and from about 10:30 am - 7 pm 
he was in the office, studying for his tests. 
He is sooo determined, it's amazing!

I wanted to take a little break with him so I ran to the store, 
bought some flutes and some sparkling cider and 
we took a short break just to talk and laugh with each other :)
A definite much needed break from some intense calculus. 

After our little break I decided to start wrapping the few presents
I already purchased with these cute trimmings found at Target. 
Oh, Target. 

I'm obsessed with gold and silver and had to add some pops of red in there :)

24 days 11 hours 56 minutes and 30 seconds left!!!

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Kelsey Lenay said...

I love online shopping :) I hope you have a great weekend!

XO, Kelsey