French Lingerie Laundry Room

I have been wanting to paint the laundry/mudroom for about the past week.

It was originally painted that basic builders beige
color and with no windows, which made it pretty
dark and depressing being in there.

So I decided on a theme, of course
and went from there!

The theme is French Lingerie Shop :)
Yes, I've been accused of being a total girly girl and I totally am!
And what girl doesn't want a little peachy pink lingerie-esque room in her house? :)
(It did take a little bribery to get Josh to let me paint bold peach stripes in there)

Anyway, I wanted to make it something pretty and bright and happy!

So I started painting the whole room a basic white called
Picket Fence by Martha Stewart and then painted some
stripes in Beach Trail by Behr.

I still have a ways to go but here is just a little inspiration
for the look that I am wanting to achieve.

Stripes Paint Color

Black & White Striped Rug

Chalkboard Laundry Room Print

Fur bench, but in Black?

Black & White Ironing Board

Gold Mirror 

& Some Pretty Hooks 

I'm hoping it will all come together to look super pretty!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Very cute theme.