a while.

It's been a while since I've written anything.

I've been bundled away for the Holidays
reading this trilogy and snuggling with my husband :)

I have not been able to put the books down!
It's so addicting and I know... yes, it's very kinky,
but it's a good read for the hopeless romantic in me :)

Speaking of Hopeless Romantics... my sweet husband nearly scared me to death.
The other night, I took my moms car to work because she left it with me while she
went to Kentucky. Well when I came out to leave, there was a white envelope
stuck in the handle of the door which read "Beautiful".

In the envelope was a candy bar and a card, on the front it said
'You' in a thought bubble. I opened it and this is what I read

At first I was flattered, but then slowly got creeped out. 
Who would go out of their way to do this?
After much interrogation, it turned out to be my husband. 
Jeez, I love him. 

Josh has had school off for the past few days for the Holiday
and it's been nice to spend practically every waking moment with him,
since it will become quite rare again when school starts tomorrow.

We've definitely been enjoying our time together.

We didn't do much for the holidays. Our families all went out of town
but Josh and I had a nice time spending it with each other, doing as we pleased.

I did a little black Friday shopping on Wednesday night.
I just happened to be at the mall when all these 50% sales were happening!

Express had everything 50% off... WHA?!
And so did Aerie! I love their bras!

I bought husband a couple of these, which look amazing on him.
Finally a 32 W 34 L pant that fits him!

I couldn't resist giving them to him as an early Christmas present.
But I'll definitely need to buy him some more for Christmas :)
They are perfect and it's so hard finding him pants that fit well!

So woo, good job to me ;)

I can't wait for Christmas!

I love buying things for Josh and it's like the one time I can
without him getting mad... well he still gets a little irritated
at me spending money on him, but he can never stay too
annoyed because it's Christmas!!!

Also, does anyone ever do cyber Monday?

There have been some really good deals online this weekend, but
I might have to check out tomorrow and see whats going on! :)

Well that's all I got!

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