the happiest.

California was amazing.
Even though it was kind of a last minute trip
it was still the best!

I want to go back right now!

I miss the beach and Disneuland and my dad.

I keep telling Josh to apply for the
Disneyland Engineeing internhip :)


Our trip started out in Vegas where
we stayed at the Paris Las Vegas.

We've never stayed there before and it
was really nice, a little smaller than some
of the other hotels, but so pretty!

Our room overlooked the "effiel tower" and
"arch de triumph" and the Bellagio fountains.
We loved it!

Friday we headed to California and  Saturday we
played in Disneyland :)

It was such fun. I love Disneyland.
I was raised in Dinseyland and so it's always fun
going back with Josh and my family.

Sunday we headed to the beach just to feel the
sand and smell the salty water in the air.

It was incredible.

A part of us is really wanting to have Josh finish
school at USC and just live there for a year or 2 and
rent out our cute little home here :)


Enjoy these pictures of our little weekend in Caliornia. no particular order...

We went on the ferris wheel in California Adventures
and we chose the one that swings.
Ya I felt like I was going to die.
This is me trying to get over my fear of heights and my fear winning.

Parents :) 
Photo Bombed on Big Thunder Mountain Railraod :) 
by the way, how handsome is Josh??
Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion! 

haha my dad :)
We're here! 
Las Vegas Paris

The Yummiest Restaurant
.sugar factory.
the most incredible french toast ever 
The hotel lobby. Lovely!
Out by the pool 

sleepy husband 

I'm obsessed with this place 

aw, love.
So this is really gross, but when we got home there
were about 1,00 flies in our kitchen!!!
So disgusting, I have no idea how they got in
or if they hatched while we were gone
but I wanted to die, we spent like an hour last ngiht
trying to kill them all.
Is there a spray or something that is made to kill flies?!


Jaimie said...

Looks like SO much fun!! Love it

Courtney&Hollie said...

Love your fringe boots! Where did u get them!? Obsessed! Instagram @hollsue

// said...

it was awesome, Jaimie! Lets move there!! :)

And they are from Kohls! I love them!