baby love.

Josh and I are officialy wanting to
start a family!

&& This is absolutley terrifying to me us.

Also, maybe it's a faux pas to
be sharing this on my blog, but it's a journey
that Josh and I are going through so I wanted
to have somewhere to write about it and
share my feelings on the subject.

Right now, I'm terrified that I won't be
able to even get pregnant, which might
be silly of me to think, but it can happen.

This is another reason why I wanted to share
this, I don't know if I could handle not writing
about this if something like that were to happen.

At the moment, however, we are hopeful :)
So here goes everything!

We have been planning this for sometime now.
Almost a year!

Yep, it was about this time last year that we
decided we either would or would not start
trying fall of 2012.

Our main concern was buying a home.
Now that that is accomplished, we are both
so much more open to the idea of parenthood.

Although it's still very overwhelimng and scary
for 2 people who really have never thought about
having kids before, it will be quite the adventure.
I don't know why we are so nervous about it.
We just are.
I'm sure everything is going to amazing though!

And I can already picture Josh being the most amazing
dad, like ever. He is just too dang cute! I can't even handle it!

Anyway, I have been preparing my body for
about the past couple months for a baby.

I'm crazy obsessive about things and just need
everything to be perfect or as close to perfect as possible.

I've been taking the most awesome
tasting prenatal vitamins. They are gummies!
I have a serious problem with swallowing pills.
I just can't do it without gagging.
So these made me soo happy!

I seriously could eat all of them in one sitting, they taste like candy! :)

I've also been working out a bit, trying to get
my booty in shape for baby.

I've also cut out all most sugary drinks from my diet
and am really trying to eat super healthy and stay away from
sugary foods!

And just to make sure the timing is perfect
I downloaded an app called What to Expect. Fertility.

It tracks your cycle and tells you the days that
you are most fertile. And it's awesome!
If you're trying to prego your eggo, it's a must!

Well that's all that's been happening so far!
Hopefully we will have some good news in the
next few months :)

Here's to happy baby making!

This has nothing to do with babies.
But I had to share my obsession with this awesome
leopard scarf :)


Amanda Ward said...

Congrats!!!! I'm excited to follow along the journey, we r trying for our second now tooo!!! Where did you get those gummies???!!! Must get those!

// said...

Thank you and congrats to you!!! I got them at wal-mart and they are seriously so yummy!